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Shockwave therapy – a new service in Carolina Medical Center

3 września 2021

We are pleased to inform that from Monday the 6th of September we are introducing new service – SHOCKWAVE THERAPY. It is generated under high pressure in a very short time and has a low frequency. As a result, after placing the device head on the painful spot, the wave reaches the deep layers of the skin and hits the pain site precisely. It is a completely safe and non-invasive treatment method.

    Shockwave therapy is very effective. The advantages include:
  • elimination of pain - shockwave non-invasively stimulates cell membranes and nerve endings;
  • stimulating metabolism - blood circulation is much more efficient after shockwave therapy. In addition, the production of collagen is improved. The shockwave will also reduce scars and stretch marks;
  • relaxation - shockwave treatment reduces muscle tension, which makes us feel stress-free and relaxed after the treatment.
    Shockwave therapy can be used as part of rehabilitation. The indications are:
  • spine pain;
  • inflammation or irritation of tendons (tendinitis);
  • painful shoulder syndrome;
  • lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow);
  • Achilles tendon pain;
  • hip pain;
  • shoulder pain;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • pain after injuries;
  • snapping hip syndrome (dancer’s hip);
  • patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee);
  • calcaneal spur (heel spur).
Shockwave therapy Warsaw

Shockwave therapy should be performed in series, and the effects are visible after approx. 3-5 treatments. They should be performed several days apart. This therapy has an analgesic and stimulating effect.