Functional Diagnostics


co to jest diagnostyka funkcjonalna

The Carolina Medical Center administers the first Polish public Functional Diagnostics Center. Functional examinations allow for full diagnosis of the locomotor system, detection of disorders up until now hidden from the doctor’s eye, as well as training progress monitoring. All tests are non-invasive and safe.


The Center is equipped with the most advanced devices, allowing for complex analysis of the locomotor system efficiency and training progress monitoring. Our tests are objective and non-invasive.

For all physically active we have thorough diagnostics, up until now available only for the best foreign high-performance athletes in renowned facilities.


The Functional Diagnostics Center is a place for everyone who wants to know about their organism limitations and capabilities, especially the smallest dysfunctions and to adapt training to individual needs.

The Center is a right place for children who dream of a sports career. We define predispositions for sports based on our tests and detect any postural defects.

The Center is also designed for Polish Olympians, preparing for the Olympics, high-performance athletes of many disciplines, physically active, as well as everyone who values health and cares for a prophylactics.

Thanks to the Functional Diagnostics Center you can also objectively monitor treatment and rehabilitation process progress.

Consider functional tests if you:

  • went through a muscular injury: bruise, rupture, strain, of e.g. the Achilles tendon
  • experienced joints injury: dislocation, strain, ligaments damage, and many others
  • experienced fracture or osteoarthritis
  • want to check and improve the effectiveness of postoperative treatment (also after arthroplasty)
  • want to know functional cause of pains and increased tendency to injuries
  • care for safe return to sports/recreational activity after injury or surgery
  • want to improve your training and sports technique.

If you plan to train in the CMTS Training Center undertake functional tests and know your limitations.

Specjalists in functional diagnostics