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We cooperate with institutions that share our utmost care for health of physically active people.



Since 2014, Carolina Medical Center has been one of only a few world clinics highlighted by the International Federation of Association Football with the FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence title. FIFA appreciated our competencies in treatment and prevention of football injuries, promotion of health prophylactics and shaping next generations of sports medicine specialists.

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“CMC has been working for its brand for several years. We conducted many pioneering medical treatments, created original treatment programs, put back on feet – figuratively and literally – thousands of people, for whom full physical mobility is of utmost importance. I consider FIFA accreditation a token of recognition for the team of specialists, that devoted themselves completely to orthopaedics and sports medicine” ” – admits doctor Robert Śmigielski, clinic co-founder.


As a part of the LUX MED Group, the Main Medical Partner of the Polish Olympic Committee (PKOl), the Carolina Medical Center took care of the Polish Olympic athletes in their preparations to the XXXI Olympic Games (Rio de Janeiro 2016).
The LUX MED Group provides medical care to the Olympic athletes and candidates, also supporting statutory goals of the Polish Olympic Committee, especially those regarding the development of the Polish Olympic movement, spreading the Olympic ideas and sports spirit.

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Modern sport, characterized by many training loads, requires high class medical protection on every level of training process. Cooperation with the LUX MED Group, that administers splendidly prepared team of high class specialists, will without any doubt allow us to create utterly professional healthcare for our best athletes – says Andrzej Kraśnicki, PKOl president.

The Carolina Medical Center plays important role in cooperation with PKOl thanks to years of experience in healthcare for the best athletes. The clinic was the Medical Partner of PKOl in 2010-2014, taking care of Olympic athletes during the XXX Olympic Games (London 2012) and the XXII Winter Olympic Games (Sochi 2014).


Since 2011, the Carolina Medical Center has been the Medical Partner of the Polish National Ballet – the best and the biggest Polish ballet formation. Ballet is extremely physically demanding. Ballet dancer’s effort is no less than the one experienced by professional athletes. In the Carolina Medical Center, dancers are subjected to biomechanical tests. Based on their results they are provided with individually developed guides that allow them to minimize the risk of injury.

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We cooperate with the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) as the only clinic in Poland. Moreover, we have opened the Polish Association of Dance Medicine in 2013.


In January 2016, we have become the Medical Partner of the folk band „Śląsk” (“Silesia”). With the healthcare program, CMC specialists are providing band members with examinations and tests, thanks to which individual, prophylactic training programs are prepared. Additionally, trainings are being conducted – they are aimed to teach artists how to avoid injuries during very hard and physically-exhausting rehearsals and performances.


The Carolina Medical Center was the Medical Partner of the Polish Weightlifting Federation (PZPC) and took orthopaedic care of the best Polish weightlifters, providing them with the medical support, necessary for the effective preparation for the Olympics and many other championships. The Federation entrusted doctor Robert Śmigielski of the Carolina Medical Center with being the head of the medical committee of the PZPC.

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The Polish Weightlifting Federation chose the Carolina Medical Center as our partner that will provide our best athletes with professional healthcare, based on the most up to date sports medicine solutions. Only this kind of cooperation can contribute to the success during events of utmost importance – says Szymon Kołecki, PZPC president and successful weightlifter.

The main objective of this cooperation was to prevent and cure injuries of the national team of weightlifters.


Since 2015/16, The Carolina Medical Center have been the medical partner of the SITN PZN – the biggest non-government organization in the field of training, winter tourism and leisure. The organization unites nearly all (95%) ski instructors in Poland, and its skills, underlined by SITN PZN certificates, are recognized throughout the world. The organization is present mainly as the nationwide Winter Sports Academy.

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Basic training activity in terms of teaching is conducted in licensed ski schools which number is constantly growing and currently in 2015/2016 season reached 110. During every season, licensed ski schools educate approximately 1800 candidates for instructors. Ski schools, supervised and licensed by SITN PZN, train annually around 200 000 clients. Carolina’s cooperation with the organization includes substantial support for better technique and higher safety of downhills, that is two main training fields of SITN PZN.


In 2015, Carolina Medical Center has started its cooperation with Górnik Łęczna – one of the best Polish football clubs, that is a member of Ekstraklasa (Polish top football league). Cooperation covers essential support for club’s coaches, including periodical trainings in fields of physiotherapy and motoric preparation, as well as healthcare for team members. For our clinic this is yet another step towards using our competences, highlighted by the FIFA certificate, in working with the best footballers of Poland.


For many years, Carolina Medical Center has been realizing its program of functional assessment for young footballers of KS Delta Warszawa. Players go through tests in the Functional Diagnostics Center. Besides functional assessment that helps to evaluate the locomotor system, development pace and sports potential, young players receive practical advices that – when implemented into training, as well as outside the sports field – can help to improve their results and lessen injury risks. Footballers are also subjected to screening tests that allow selection of a group of players with the highest potential. Annual tests provide objective data for reviewing functional parameters of entire groups of footballers and effectiveness of adopted training methods.

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“Since the beginning of this year, KS Delta Warszawa has been systematically using the Carolina Medical Center tests results in our training process. Thanks to the professional care and excellent tests selection, we have received important tips that help us monitor training elements which we haven’t been able to fully control. Tests that our players are subjected to are also of preventive nature and help us counteract unwanted effects of training process by increasing or decreasing some training means. Seeing so many advantages of training process support with accurately selected methods we recommend the Functional Diagnostics Center of the Carolina Medical Center’s offering” – says Sebastian Gmurek, sports director, KS Delta Warszawa.


The Warsaw Marathon and Half Marathon are one of the biggest European running events with constantly growing interest from running fans in Poland and abroad. The Carolina Medical Center is the Medical Partner of the Foundation, providing runners with sports massage right after the finishing line.


Since 2012, the Carolina Medical Center has been the Medical Partner of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon, the biggest running event in Poland. During accompanying lectures, we elaborate on how to engage in sports to receive the highest scores and avoid injuries. After the run, in the massage zone, approximately 100 masseurs and physiotherapists help the runners in recuperating.

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Every year we also take part in the EXPO fairs, organized within the Orlen Warsaw Marathon. At our stand, every running fan can talk to physiotherapists and motoric preparation coaches, as well as examine himself/herself through diagnostic devices, free of charge.


The Carolina Medical Center cooperates with the website and magazine “Asystent Trenera” (“Coach Assistant”) in preventing football injuries. In 2015, together with the editors, we organized the Nationwide Conference of Football Coaches – CMC 11, which objective was to present exercises that shield footballers from injuries. The exercises were published as a special edition of “Asystent Trenera”. Approximately 150 coaches from around the country participated in the event.


The Carolina Medical Center constantly cooperates with the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of trainings for students interested in orthopaedics and physiotherapy, as well as trainings for doctors that choose orthopaedics or related fields as their specialization.

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The clinic, together with the University of Warsaw Interdisciplinary Centre of Mathematics and Computer Modelling, conducted several innovative research projects.
The biggest of them are: STOPA (Pol. FOOT), which aims to create a design and support a system for osteotomy treatments for lower limbs, and INPLA, which aims to develop and apply a system of integrated information analysis in assessing the dysfunction of ankle stability, an information that comes from clinical trials, medical imaging as well as a biomechanical model of healthy and unstable ankle.


Centrum Edukacyjne Medycyny Sportowej Sp. z o.o. (Educational Centre for Sports Medicine) is a company created to run the Post-secondary Vocational School of Sports Medicine in Warsaw. This vocational school is a non-public school with public school rights. It conducts training in the following professions: massage technician. Sport Medica is acting as shareholder.

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The educational facilities of the school include the Carolina Medical Centre building, workshops and practical massage classes are conducted by the CMC experts in a spacious, well-equipped and modern CMC Department of Physiotherapy.

It is a school for adults. This vocational school is entered in the register of the Warsaw Bureau of Education and has the powers of a public school granted by the decision of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw. It has a positive opinion of the Ministry of Health and the Board of Education in Warsaw, acting simultaneously as a pedagogie supervisor of the school. The school implements a curriculum in accordance with the current core curriculum of the Polish Ministry of National Education.

The school has already graduated 114 persons, shall receive a school leaving certificate and pass the State Professional Examination. Passing the examination successfully results in obtaining a Vocational Diploma and an English-language Europass supplement acknowledged in the EU countries (currently 100% passing rate of the State Examination).

The school builds its own base of highly qualified massage therapists needed for sports professionals.

Learning the massage technician profession (digital symbol 32540) lasts 4 semesters. The school provides education in the full-time weekend system. The programme includes 120 hours of professional practice.

For your convenience, the secretariat of the School is located in the centre of the Capital City. Attractively priced accommodation can be found in the vicinity of the School. Together with the CMC, the students of the School, as the only ones in Poland, participate in the most important sporting events in the Capital City, supporting athletes and participants of the sporting events with massage services. The school provides professional practice in major centres of physiotherapy in Warsaw, as well as in selected Spa & Wellness centres of the Capital City. It allows the students to obtain exceptional market knowledge and skills in accordance with all the standards of the core curriculum, additionally supplemented with a number of topics concerning sports medicine – varied schedules, increased number of hours, i.a. in anatomy, massage, or physiotherapy. Friendly atmosphere, unique and verified teaching staff of the Vocational School – employees of renowned scientific and training institutions, examiners of the Regional Examination Board, experienced scientists, educators, and specialists (Warsaw Medical University, National Institute of Hygiene, Carolina Medical Centre, etc.). The school provides an attractive system of scholarships for the best students. Electronic form of the on-line class register is a safe system, providing unlimited access to grades, topics of classes, presence, or news from the school life; it is a system including numerous social features – for all students via the Internet and mobile phone. Each student of the Vocational School has the opportunity to obtain additional licences and qualifications during their studies – i.a. WELLNESS INSTRUCTOR.

More information: www.cemes.edu.pl.