Pain ManagementBlockads and Cordotomies



In the Pain Management Center in Warsaw we utilize blockages, meaning the local anaesthesia of the nerves. The result of this procedure is not only removal of the pain but also local decrease of inflammation and muscle cramps.


Blockages are used in diagnostics, planning of other procedures and treatment.

In the Pain Management Center we use:

  • intraarticular block – procedure used in treatment of joint disorders as well as inflammations and injuries. The result is reduction or even total elimination of chronic pain. Intraarticular block can help reduce the source of inflammation.
  • peripheral block – the result of the anaesthesia is no feeling of touch or temperature in the spot of its application
  • spinal block – the anaesthesia helps patients with back pains who can’t undergo spinal surgery and can’t undertake rehabilitation
  • epidural block – the anaesthesia is used for spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, slipped disc and other disorders that contribute to the severity of symptoms.

A cordotomy is a procedure which results in irreversible destruction of nerve fibres. This method is used in case of strong, chronic pain, which can’t be reduced through other methods. Cordotomy guarantees long-lasting effect, which can last up to several months. The procedure utilizes ethanol, phenol or glycerol.

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