Functional diagnostics

There is a Functional Diagnostics Center (CDF) at the Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw. It is equipped with the most modern diagnostic devices, enabling a comprehensive analysis of the body’s efficiency and control of training progress. Functional tests allow for full diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system, detection of dysfunctions previously unnoticed by the doctor, and monitor training progress. All tests are objective, non-invasive and safe.

Biomechanical tests

Assessment of body posture stability
Measurement of the height and power of vertical leap
Assessment of foot load distribution on the ground
Measurement of muscle strength
Posture and movement pattern analysis

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Sports packages

The Carolina Medical Center is a sports medicine clinic that has been providing medical care to the best Polish athletes for over 20 years – Olympic champions, medalists of the World and European Championships. Thanks to this, we pass the experience and knowledge gained from working with professional athletes to people practicing amateur sports. For the most popular disciplines, we have created dedicated medical programs, thanks to which you can prevent injuries or improve your results. They are also ideal test packages for children to help recognize the body’s capabilities.

Healthy Triathlete Package
Healthy Skier and Snowboarder Package
Healthy Footballer Package
Healthy Dancer Package
Healthy Tennis Player Package

Biomechanical tests – what is it?

Biomechanical tests assess the functional abilities of the body. The tests performed at the Functional Diagnostics Center in Warsaw include the analysis of walking, running, jumping and other motor skill activities, foot load tests, as well as balance assessment and measurement of muscle strength.

All tests are safe and non-invasive, performed under the supervision of experienced specialists with an M.A. in physiotherapy and functional diagnosticians.

The advantages of biomechanical tests

  • It is a comprehensive assessment of the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Tests identify the capabilities of the body.
  • They help to reduce the risk of possible injuries.
  • They allow you to improve your sports performance.
  • Moreover, they give the opportunity to check the progress of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as training.

Indications for biomechanical research

The Functional Diagnostics Center is a place that should be visited by everyone who wants to learn about the limitations and possibilities of their body, and especially to identify the smallest dysfunctions and adjust their training plan to their individual needs. The innovative method of studying the human body using modern biomechanical devices enables a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system.

Biomechanical tests are dedicated to people who are starting to train. They are aimed at adjusting the level of effort to the capabilities of your body and detecting dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. The Functional Diagnostics Center is also dedicated to people who practice competitive sports, as well as professional athletes who want to reduce the risk of injury and improve their sports performance. Biomechanical tests objectively monitor the progress of the treatment and rehabilitation process.

Consider functional tests if:

  • you have undergone a muscle injury: bruises, tears, strains, ruptures, e.g., Achilles tendon,
  • you have experienced joint injuries: dislocations, sprains, ligament damage, and others,
  • you have experienced a fracture or degenerative changes,
  • you want to monitor and increase the effectiveness of the postoperative treatment process (also after arthroplasty operations),
  • you want to know the functional cause of pain and increased susceptibility to injuries,
  • you want to safely return to sports/recreational activities after an injury or surgery,
  • you want to improve your training and sports technique.

If you plan to train at the CMTS Training Center, you should undergo functional tests and learn about your limitations.

Biomechanical tests for children

If your child plays sports or dreams of a sports career, take advantage of the knowledge of the Carolina Medical Center specialists who work with youth sports clubs on a daily basis. Research in the field of sports medicine, which we perform at the Functional Diagnostics Center, allows us to identify the capabilities of the child’s body, detect postural defects and prevent injuries.

Magdalena Syrek

Fizjoterapeuta, diagnosta funckjonalny

Specjalizuję się w rehabilitacji stawu kolanowego, stawu skokowego i stopy, ręki oraz łokcia. Zajmuję się także fizjoterapią tkanek miękkich i ścięgna Achillesa. Jestem diagnostą badań biomechanicznych w Centrum Diagnostyki Funkcjonalnej.