Hospital in Warsaw

The Carolina Medical Center is an orthopedic hospital which has been helping patients at every stage of their lives for over 20 years. Our main goal is to maintain the highest standards of medical care and care for the patient’s safety and comfort at every stage of treatment. Our facility is not only a hospital – it is also a clinic, a diagnostic center, and a rehabilitation center. In one place, patients have access to specialist consultations with over 30 specialists and a full range of imaging and laboratory tests. Thanks to the cooperation of specialists from various fields, we constantly monitor the progress in treatment and select the most effective methods.

Dr. Łukasz Luboiński
Head of the Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine at the Carolina Medical Center
Our clinic owes its success to our employees – their determination, charisma, commitment, professional passion and close interdisciplinary cooperation.

Three reasons why we are trustworthy

Comprehensive orthopedic treatment

We approach the treatment process in a holistic way – in one place the patient has access to consultations, tests, operations and rehabilitation.

Security and the latest technological solutions

The operating theater is equipped with world-class equipment that allows to safely perform even the most complex procedures.

24/7 care of specialists, 7 days a week

During their stay in the hospital, patients are under 24-hour care of a medical team – doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

Private orthopedic hospital in Warsaw

In our hospital, we apply a full range of state-of-the-art operating procedures. Annually, we perform about 2,000 highly specialized operations in the scope of orthopedic and spine surgery using classic and minimally invasive methods. We provide surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders resulting from chronic diseases, injuries and congenital defects. We have been developing minimally invasive surgery for years. One of the methods we use to treat diseases and injuries is arthroscopy. It is also used in orthopedic diagnostics, which allows to assess intra-articular structures and detect pathological changes that are not visible in imaging tests. We perform reconstructive and arthroplasty operations, where we increasingly use 3D technology and implants tailored to each patient.

Currently, medicine, using the latest solutions in biomedical technology and engineering, makes it possible to develop custom operational treatment methods, taking into account the needs of a specific patient. At the Carolina Medical Center, we use 3D technology in complex cases, thanks to which we are able to plan the surgical procedure, design surgical instruments and orthopedic implants. The three-dimensional model of the patient’s anatomical structures on a scale of 1:1 allows surgeons to practice a given procedure and try tools before performing the procedure. An operation plan prepared in this way is much more accurate, reduces the time of the procedure and increases the patient’s safety.

After the surgery, qualified specialists watch over the patients’ recovery 24 hours a day. Each patient is provided with individually selected physiotherapy.

Our hospital uses innovative equipment, the parameters of which are optimally matched to the diagnosis of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In the operating theater, we have a modern, multi-purpose C-arm X-ray machine, thanks to which the operator is able to correctly place screws or implants. This arm also monitors and ensures the proper course of the operation and reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

After the procedure, the patient is transported to the postoperative room, and then, after waking up, to his or her room at the Hospital Ward.

Hospital Ward – recovery in comfortable conditions

Ensuring effective treatment combined with the convenience and comfort of the patient’s stay in the hospital is our priority. Experienced nursing staff and a doctor on duty watch over the health condition of the patient 24 hours a day.

We have single, double and higher standard rooms. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, free wireless Internet, a nurse call system, and bathrooms with showers adapted for patients after orthopedic surgeries.

We will provide full board during your stay in the hospital. It takes into account all medical recommendations regarding the patient’s diet, and, if possible, also their dietary preferences resulting from tradition or religion. We will provide you with a choice of meals from the menu.

95% patient recommend our clinic


+48 22 35 58 200

Ul. Pory 78
02-757 Warsaw, Poland

Consultations, rehabilitation:
Mon-Fri from 8 am to 8 pm

Hospital, Orthopedic Emergency:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In Carolina Medical Center there are several free parking spaces in the garage at our Patients’ disposal, there is also a paid city car park nearby.