About us

The Carolina Medical Center is a clinic of orthopedics, spine surgery, rehabilitation and sports medicine, where we provide medical services at the highest level. The clinic was built in 1998. We were the first private orthopedic facility in Warsaw. In October 2019, we opened a branch in Gdańsk, at ul. Wileńska 44.

In our facilities, we provide comprehensive care and access to outstanding specialists in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Patients have access to specialist consultations, imaging tests (X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) and laboratory tests, as well as rehabilitation. We carry out surgeries using modern methods of treatment, enabling our patients to return to full fitness as soon as possible.

Dr. Łukasz Luboiński
Head of the Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine at the Carolina Medical Center
Our hospital’s mission is to use the most modern methods of treatment, and the health of the patient is our priority. For years, we have been sharing our experience with the medical community and contributing to global orthopedics.

Quality and the highest medical standards

Many years of experience, access to modern technologies, comfortable treatment conditions and, above all, the full commitment of highly qualified staff have allowed us to achieve the highest standards of services. We have a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This international distinction is a recognition of the high level of our customer service, also – which is rare – in the scope of comprehensive medical services.

By introducing the highest standards of pain treatment in the operating theater and in postoperative departments, and training medical personnel for many months in the method and assessment of acute postoperative pain relief, we obtained the „Hospital without pain” certificate. It is a guarantee of high-quality treatment and the fastest possible recovery. The certificate confirms that the comfort of patients is our priority.

The undisputed leader in sports medicine

Our patients include both amateur and professional athletes. An important element of restoring sports activity after an injury is the integration of surgical treatment with intensive rehabilitation. Only such a combination gives a chance for a quick recovery. However, it would not be possible without functional tests. The Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw has a Functional Diagnostics Center. It is a place where body defects are detected in athletes. The center is equipped with the most modern devices, enabling a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system and monitoring of training progress.

The Carolina Medical Center – Medical Partner of the Polish Olympic Committee

As a sports medicine clinic, we care for the health of the best Polish Olympic athletes. We are the Medical Partner of the Polish Olympic Committee. We work with sports unions whose representatives are successful in international sports (including the Polish Swimming Federation, the Polish Wrestling Association, and the Polish Canoe Federation). We have been the Medical Partner of the Polish National Ballet for many years. We have prepared for the largest sports events athletes such as Aleksandra Socha, Oktawia Nowacka, Artur Szpilka and Konrad Niedźwiecki. Our clinic is also visited by paralympians – Jacek Czech, Wojciech Makowski, and Bartłomiej Mróz.

FIFA certified clinic

The Carolina Medical Center is a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. FIFA has appreciated our competences in the treatment and prevention of football injuries, promoting preventive health care, and educating the next generations of sports medicine specialists.

Our clinic is a collective of passionate people

Our clinic employs doctors of various specializations who are constantly improving their qualifications. The scientific activity of the clinic is concentrated around the Department of Science. Our specialists take part in numerous international conferences. We are currently conducting dozens of research projects in cooperation with research centers in Poland and around the world.

Most of our specialists play sports, both professionally and at an amateur level. That is why doctors and physiotherapists can propose a dedicated treatment method based on their own experience and knowledge related to the particular sport.

Our clinic consists not only of a medical team, but also nurses, a large service team and administration.

Our certificates

ISO 9001:2015

We hold the Total Quality Management Certificate (ISO 9001:2015) in Complex Medical Care since August 2004. This confirms that our priority is the safety and comfort of patients. Excellence of our services is also verified by regularly conducted surveys among our patients, who rate the quality of services very highly.

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Carolina Medical Center has been certified by the International Football Federation as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. Such a distinction is only granted to two medical centers in Poland. We pay particular attention to the quality of care of professional athletes.


Central Europe Business Awards

Our hospital received the title of “Best Private Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Hospital 2018” awarded by EU Business News magazine, which is a member of the independent British accreditation center – CPD. Our prize was granted within “Central Europe Business Awards 2018” program, conducted to meet the most successful companies in all of Central Europe.

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For the fifth time in a row we have been recognized as the hospital with the best customer service by one of the world’s largest clinic comparison services – whatclinic.com. The award is granted based on feedback from patients who assessed the speed of service (including response), timeliness and satisfaction with treatment. Opinions from 12 months were taken into account. The whatclinic.com website exists from 2007 and compares facilities from 127 countries (over 100,000 clinics). Last year, the website was visited by over 15 million people.

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We were also identified as one of the best hospitals in the world in 2018 in terms of medical tourism and we appeared on the TOP10 ranking conducted by International Medical Travel Journal.

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Every year, patients select the best representatives of the medical industry in the Polish Medical Plebiscite. Carolina Medical Center received such a distinction, which is an expression of recognition and trust of patients, thus confirming the very high quality of our medical services.

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A leading orthopedic center in Poland

From the beginning, our goal was to follow the latest achievements in the field of orthopedics. To this day, when new methods appear in the world, we try to be the first to introduce them to the Polish market in order to treat our patients better, more effectively and faster.

We are currently the leading orthopedic center in Poland. We perform surgical procedures with the use of the latest technologies and methods applied around the world.

Our contribution to the development of orthopedics:


  • commencement of the SYNOLIS clinical trial – “Assessment of the efficacy and safety of SYNOLIS VA 40/80 and SYNOLIS VA 80/160 in the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee joint”
  • We conducted and completed the first stage of the Moximed clinical trial, under which patients had diagnostics, operations and rehabilitation at our clinic. We were awarded by an international auditor from the USA for proper record keeping.
  • Dr. Zdanowicz performed the first custom made knee prosthesis implantation in Poland.


  • Jacek Laskowski, MD PhD, performed hip joint surgery using custom made prosthesis from Symbios company,
  • We have opened Urology Department,
  • We took part in in the clinical study of the Calypso Knee System,
  • We have opened Carolina Medical Center branch in Gdańsk.


  • Dr. Urszula Zdanowicz performed the first implantation of extracellular matrix ECM in Europe,
  • CMC specialists began to perform minimally invasive, endoscopic operations to remove herniated lumbar spine disks using a modern joimax® system,
  • we have completed the research project START,
  • Carolina Medical Center once again won the prestigious FIFA MEDICAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE title awarded by the International Football Federation.


  • CMC specialists performed an operation of 14-year-old boy’s spine, during which the PASS MIS stabilization set was used for the first time in Poland,
  • a patient with advanced osteoporosis underwent stabilization of the spine during which fenestrated screws fixed on cement were used for the first time,
  • first surgeries were performed using the system for percutaneous spine stabilization – Spine Jack, and DISCOGEL® prosthesis for discopathy treatment,
  • first ankle surgery using the innovative CADENCE prosthesis took place in our clinic,
  • a complicated hip prosthesis implantation of both joints was performed in a patient with thrombocytopenia,
  • CMC was again awarded the title of Medical Partner of the Polish Olympic Committee.


  • Carolina’s team of surgeons carried out the surgery – correction of the forearm bone of 10-year-old girl, using modeling and 3D printing technology
  • In the Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Hintegra ankle prosthesis was implanted
  • Carolina started the research project: “The use of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in the regeneration of the reconstructed Achilles tendon” for women and men aged 18-50 years old, who are suspected to have damage to the Achilles tendon.


  • Innovative knee replacement surgical methods were conducted in Carolina Medical Center jointly by Dr. Robert Śmigielski from CMC and prof. Christian Fink from Sportsclinic Austria. A new type of prosthesis used for those procedures allows patients to active practicing sports, including even skiing
  •  Innovative prosthesis to the knee – Atlas system was implanted, the aim of which is to relieve joint and reduce pain on the inner side of the knee
  •  Carolina has been certified by the International Football Federation as a FIFA Medical Clinic of Excellence. This is an unprecedented recognition of the competence of the Polish clinic and its personnel.

2012 – 2014

  • Carolina’s team of specialists published a breakthrough theory on the anatomy of the anterior cruciate ligament
  •  a team of surgeons began tissue regenerative therapies using the concentrate from bone marrow, collected and administered during surgery to operated patients
  •  Carolina has introduced therapies with the use of ADSC stem cells, isolated from patient’s own adipose tissue.

2010 – 2011

  • virtual arthroscopy has been applied for training in arthroscopic surgeries of knee and shoulder
  •  a team of surgeons performed implantation of the prosthesis made for the individual patient – “tailor-made”
  • Carolina started to apply modern biological methods of treatment for aching joints, involving the stimulation of patients’ own, natural, autologous protective proteins, that secure the articular cartilage


  • the first in Poland leg axis correction of a child with less invasive new 8 plate technique was carried out in Carolina
  •  ankle joint alloplasty (InBone) was performed in Carolina as the first surgery of this type in Europe
  •  the first in Poland implantation of a new type of prosthesis BMHR (Birmingham Hip Mid Head resection) was carried out in Carolina
  •  craniofacial bone reconstruction using hydroxyapatite – a special material to supplement the losses incurred during serious head injuries – was conducted in Carolina

2007 – 2008

  • implantation of “artificial” collagen meniscus (Menaflex) was conducted,
  •  Carolina’s specialists as the first in Poland and one of the first in the world, performed an operation to ensure the stabilization of the spine with the “In Space” implantation method – with the application of the zygapophyseal restraint,
  •  the first in Poland limb elongation surgery with the use of the camera TSF (Taylor Spatial Frame) was conducted in Carolina,
  •  implantation of own cartilage cells proliferated in the laboratory, to the patient’s knee after the injury was carried out

2004 – 2006

  • Carolina has developed (in cooperation with the Department of Clinical Anatomy, Medical University of Warsaw) and implemented a unique method of surgical treatment of muscle rupture in athletes,
  •  Carolina offered patients the possibility to perform innovative spine operation – balloon kyphoplasty


  • Carolina has developed the method of reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in growing children. This method is recommended by the international association of experts – ACL Study Group, dealing with issues of treatment of anterior cruciate ligament.
  •  Carolina applied the method of treatment associated with the administration of growth factors, supporting rapid regeneration of tissues and accelerating the healing process


  • the first transplantation of the meniscus was conducted
  •  Carolina’s specialists have developed and implemented unique global technology – anatomical reconstruction of the Achilles tendon
  •  the first procedures of arthroscopic reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament of the knee was conducted


  • first arthroscopic surgeries were performed in Carolina

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