Medical Tourism

Carolina Medical Center’s primary goal is to cure the patient and to ensure safety and comfort at every stage of treatment. The hospital holds the quality management certificate ISO9001:2015 in Complex Medical Care within the range of orthopaedics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging. We provide the highest standard of care with access to the latest technology, comfortable conditions of treatment and – above all – the full involvement of highly qualified and experienced doctors and physiotherapists. Our medical personnel is constantly improving qualifications, follows the progress of global medical knowledge, actively participates in congresses and symposia, completes internships in world renowned medical centres.

For several years now we have noted the steady increase in interest in our products among patients from abroad. We make every effort to ensure the highest standard of medical care on top of well-being and comfort of our patients. We understand how stressful and difficult staying away from home and family might be for a patient.

Before arrival

Prior to contacting Carolina Medical Center please try to gather all the information regarding your medical conditions as well as all medical documents such as:

  • diagnosis,
  • hospital discharges,
  • descriptions of radiological tests,
  • digital X-rays, MRI, CT scans.

We will ask you to send us this information together with filled-in Initial Interview (files to download – below) either via e-mail to, by fax to +48223558479, by post to our address or using any of the transfer websites (for example: etc.) together with information on preferred date for your visit.

Your documents will be forwarded to the doctor for the preliminary evaluation. Within 2 working days you will receive a response from our Patient Coordinator with important information concerning your treatment:

  • initial cost estimation,
  • length of stay in the hospital,
  • the time that will be needed for the proposed treatment with the necessary rehabilitation,
  • proposal date of your visit,
  • name and details of the doctor who would be taking care of you,

In some cases messages from certain addresses do not reach us due to Firewall settings. If you don’t receive any answer from us within 3 working days, please contact us by telephone to make sure we received your e-mail:

  • Danuta Milanowska: +48 22 355 84 48, WhatsApp: +48 693 880 698
  • Amelia Podstawek: +48 22 355 84 49, WhatsApp: +48 885 310 016
  • Karolina Ochocka: +48 22 355 83 18, WhatsApp: +48 887 800 140

We will do our best to answer all your questions and dispel doubts so that you gained confidence that your stay would be comfortable and the process of healing and recovery would run as efficiently as possible.

Once you decide to undergo treatment in our hospital, we will help you to prepare your visit by:

  • arranging all initial consultations and diagnostic tests in preferred time,
  • issuing you a confirmation of visits letter for visa purposes, if required,
  • contacting your insurance company to arrange direct billing, if you hold private insurance.

VISA assistance

If you need a visa to Poland, you must apply for it in the Polish consulate. You should check which consulate or Embassy is the closest to you and in which you can apply. There are few types of visa which might be granted – you should decide which you want to apply for – please check an official website: Please remember that the hospital is not able to arrange a visa for anyone, this is a responsibility of an applicant.

To submit a visa application, you should register with E-KONSULAT

The hospital will not issue an invitation to you. We would, however, prepare a confirmation of booked surgery if certain requirements are met:

  1. You must send to us your diagnostic tests (MRI, X-ray, CT) which were taken not later than 6 months ago. They have to be in DICOM format – any other format (especially photographs of diagnostic pictures) is not accepted. If you can’t send such documents, we will not be able to offer you any treatment, just a face-to-face consultation with a doctor in our clinic. At that point we will not be able to prepare any confirmation except the printout from our system.
  2. You must fill in a questionnaire – which you can find below (Questionnaire for medical tourists) and send it to us.
  3. You must book a telephone consultation with our orthopedic specialist. If you don’t speak English or Polish, you have to arrange a translator to help you. Upon such consultation the doctor would be able to discuss your diagnostic tests, present treatment plan and issue a referral for surgery.
  4. You must accept the cost of proposed treatment, sign a contract for surgery and pay 10% of the value as an advance payment. After your telephone consultation we will send you a cost estimation, we will propose suitable dates for your surgical treatment and we will send you a contract and all further instructions when you accept treatment offer.

Only when you meet all the above conditions, we would be able to prepare a confirmation of treatment for your visa purposes.

Your stay

During your stay at Carolina Medical Center, we will provide you with the highest standard of medical services whilst respecting your dignity, we will show you full understanding and empathy. This will be assured not only by our team of doctors, but also by other healthcare professionals and administration staff. Throughout your stay the following will be arranged:

  • assistance of coordinator who will schedule all your medical consultations, medical treatment, tests, rehabilitation sessions,
  • possible access to newspapers or literature in your language (additional charges apply according to current newspapers and books purchase prices)
  • access to Internet and foreign TV programmes,
  • Current information on the nature and cost of your treatment.

Helpful services for medical tourism

  • reimbursement of medical expenses under the European Union Directive – MED4EUMEDREFUND
  • planning and organizing treatment – HOTAILORS
  • medical tourism insurance services – CLINIC HUNTER
  • managing currency risk and international payments – CENTRAL FX
  • assistance for obtaining funding of medical expenses for over 30 countries around the world – INTERCONTINENTAL CARE


After finishing your treatment in Carolina Medical Center you will receive:

  • medical documentation gathered during treatment in Polish language. We can also arrange translation of these documents – additional charges apply;
  • instructions and recommendations from the doctor and physiotherapist on how to proceed after returning home;
  • list of necessary medications and doctor’s instructions on how to take your medicines;
  • contact details of your doctor;
  • complete information on the costs and bills for medical services received.

We encourage our patients to contact us 6 and 12 weeks after the operation to inform the operating doctor if there are any discomforts in relation to the operation.

See our certificate: WhatClinic Award 2023

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

For more information please contact:

Danuta Milanowska
tel. +48 22 355 84 48
Mobile/WhatsApp: +48 693 880 698

Karolina Ochocka
tel. +48 22 355 83 18
Mobile/WhatsApp: +48 887 800 140

Amelia Podstawek
tel. +48 22 355 84 47
Mobile/WhatsApp: +48 885 310 016