Ewa Trzebińska (Nelip)

11.08.2017 Warsaw Silver medalist of the World Championships in fencing

Disease / injury: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in the right knee

“I came to the Carolina Medical Center after a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee. In October 2015, I underwent an operation and then started an 8-month long rehabilitation. I admit that the recovery process was not easy, but the support I received here was really encouraging and allowed me to believe that a return to professional sports is possible.

What I liked the most about the Carolina Medical Center was the professionalism with which the patient is treated and the comprehensive range of services. It was a great comfort that I had all my rehabilitation and motor skills training in one place, which made it easier for me to return to sport after my injury, and all my medical check-ups. The attending physician consulted the rehabilitation plan with a physiotherapist, which allowed to adjust the pace of progress individually to my body.”

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