LUX MED Patient

LUX MED patients who have active group and individual subscriptions as well as group and individual insurance of the LUX MED Group are entitled to a 10% discount at the Carolina Medical Center on all services.

The discount does not apply to the prices of medical materials, such as: implants, orthopedic anastomoses, meniscal sutures, drugs for intravenous, and intra-articular injections.

If you would like to use the discount, please report at the reception when signing up for a given service. Carolina Medical Center cannot verify subscriptions of the LUX MED Group. The discount will not be granted after paying for the service.

Emergency orthopedic service in Warsaw for adults and children

In the case of injuries, our clinic provides consultations with orthopedic traumatologists in children and adults, the necessary imaging diagnostics and treatment of injuries – immobilization of fractures of limb bones, adjustment of joint dislocations, suturing wounds, and applying dressings. At the hospital in Warsaw, (ul. Pory 78), it is possible to perform emergency orthopedic procedures, such as: surgical fixation of fractures of limb bones, adjustment of sprains, and stitching of muscles and tendons.

Patients of the LUX MED Group, whose subscription includes emergency service, have access to it at the Carolina Medical Center free of charge. Other subscribers receive a 10% or 20% discount. Find out more about our offer for LUXMED patients or call: 22 322 9999.

Additional discounts are also available for treatments in the scope of “one-day surgery” and rehabilitation after surgery.

Discounts are available for patients who have group LUX MED Complex, Complex Plus or Premium subscriptions and depend on the scope of services. To sign up for a treatment, please contact the Hospitalization Team. Contact with the Hospitalization Team is necessary in the case of:

  • qualification visits,
  • additional imaging diagnostics,
  • treatments at the Carolina Medical Center,
  • postoperative rehabilitation.

Patients with a LUX MED subscription, in order to register for an appointment at the Carolina Medical Center, are asked to contact the LUX MED Medical Telephone Information, available at 22 322 9999. For information on discounts at the Carolina Medical Center, please call the same number.

More information is available on the LUX MED website