Diagnostics CenterUltrasond Examination (USG)



Ultrasonography (USG) is a non-invasive and harmless method of organs imaging using ultrasound wave. Ultrasound scans are used with Phillips Affiniti 70 and GE Voluson E8 Expert devices.

Ultrasound lab in the Carolina Medical Center performs USG examination of:

  • all tendons, muscles and joints
  • hip joints in children (Graf’s examination)
  • 2D USG and Doppler USG of arteries and veins
  • vascular examination
  • examination of abdominal cavity, thyroid, breasts and testicles.

Under the USG control we also perform every other invasive procedure, like injection of a drug, intraarticular contrast, evacuation of hematoma, microscopic and bacteriological tests material, as well as acquisition of the synovial fluid to microscopically assess the presence of crystals (e.g. uric acid).

Test results are handed to patient on a CD/DVD directly after the procedure.


Preparation depends on the method of examination.

USG of tendons, muscles and joints, hip-joints, arteries and veins, thyroid, breasts and testicles: they do not require any special preparations.

USG of the abdominal cavity: there can’t be any contraindications for the examination.

Preparation for the abdominal cavity USG scan:

The day before the examination you have to:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan 3 times a day (a colon laxative must be taken during afternoon hours)
  • do not eat stodgy, bloating food, i.e. fresh vegetables and fruit, bran, groats, dark bread, as well as do not drink fizzy liquids
  • drink only clear liquids – still mineral water, tea, coffee – without any sugar

If you undertake the examination during morning:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan
  • arrive on an empty stomach (only water to wash up Espumisan is allowed)
  • do not smoke cigarettes or chew gum

If you undertake the examination during afternoon:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan 3 times a day
  • do not eat for 6 hours before the examination, and before only light meals – see the diet the day before the examination above
  • do not smoke or chew gum.