Ultrasound Examination (USG)

An ultrasound scan (USG) is a non-invasive and painless method of imaging organs using ultrasound waves. We perform ultrasound examinations using the Philips Affiniti 70 and GE Voluson E8 Expert devices.

The Carolina Medical Center ultrasound laboratory carries out ultrasound examinations of:

  • all joints,
  • tendons, muscles,
  • vascular tests,
  • examinations of the abdominal cavity.

Under ultrasound control, all invasive procedures are also performed, such as injections of drugs, intra-articular contrasts, evacuation of hematomas and material for microscopic and bacteriological examinations, and collection of synovial fluid for microscopic evaluation for the presence of crystals (e.g., uric acid).

Preparation for and ultrasound scan

Preparation for an ultrasound depends on the type of examination.

If you have undergone previous ultrasound examinations, it is worth bringing the results for a comparative assessment.

Ultrasound examination of tendons, muscles and joints, ultrasound of hip joints, arteries and veins, ultrasound of the thyroid gland and testicles do not require any special preparation.

In the case of breast ultrasound examinations, it is recommended to perform the examination on the 5-10th day of the menstrual cycle, and when using hormonal contraception in the “withdrawal” week or taking “placebo” tablets.

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Abdominal ultrasound examination:

The day before the ultrasound examination you should:

  • take Espumisan 3 x 2 capsules if there is flatulence,
  • in case of a tendency to constipation, intestinal laxative should be taken in the afternoon,
  • do not eat hard-to-digest, bloating foods, i.e., fresh vegetables, especially legumes, fruit, bran, groats, dark bread, and do not drink carbonated liquids,
  • only drink non-carbonated liquids – such as mineral water, and herbal infusions – such as fennel tea or non-bloating fruit infusions.

On the day of the ultrasound examination, when we perform the examination in the morning:

On the day of the examination, only drink still water.

You should have a full bladder for the examination and a feeling of the urge to urinate. This is especially important if the test is based on urinary tract evaluation.

  • take Espumisan 1 x 2 capsules,
  • you should be on an empty stomach (only still water needed to take the above-mentioned drugs is allowed),
  • you should not smoke cigarettes, chew chewing gum or drink caffeinated beverages (coffee).

On the day of the ultrasound examination, when the examination is performed in the afternoon:

  • take Espumisan 3 x 2 capsules,
  • do not eat anything 6 hours before the test, and prior to that, only light foods and preferably in a small amount – see the diet above on the day before the test,
  • you should not smoke cigarettes, chew chewing gum, or drink caffeinated beverages (coffee).