Diagnostics CenterX-ray examination



An X-ray is a medical imaging technique that uses Roentgen radiation (X-radiation). X-ray examination is the most common method of skeletal system imaging because of its wide availability and relatively low examination cost. In 90% of patients with injuries X-ray examination helps in developing proper solution, as well as planning and monitoring further treatment.


For an X-ray examination in the Carolina Medical Center, we use a modern device by Philips Digital Diagnost Eleve, equipped with two constant digital radiography detectors (DR), completed with the CR system. This type of device configuration helps to cover the entire range of orthopaedic tests and minimizes a dose of hazardous radiation.

X-ray device in the Carolina Medical Center is used for:

  • general diagnostic tests (chest, sinuses, abdominal cavity examination)
  • skeletal system examination in standard and supplementary projections (e.g. Merchant projection, West-Point, “Y”)
  • entire spine and lower limbs examination using digital image overlay
  • functional examination (e.g. spinal)

Test results are handed to patient on a CD/DVD directly after the procedure.


You have to prepare properly for an X-ray examination of lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint and abdominal cavity.


  • women of reproductive age should undertake an X-ray examination during first 10 days of menstrual cycle because of the possibility of becoming pregnant during this timeframe is lower
  • before undertaking an X-ray examination, pregnant woman must submit a pregnancy information to the main doctor, receptionist who signs up for the examination and a person who performs the examination
  • for an X-ray examination please wear plain white underwear, without any clips or ornaments.

The day before the examination:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan 3 times a day (a colon laxative must be taken during afternoon hours)
  • do not eat stodgy, bloating food, i.e. fresh vegetables and fruit, bran, groats, dark bread, as well as do not drink fizzy liquids
  • drink only clear liquids – still mineral water, tea, coffee – without any sugar

If you undertake the examination during morning:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan
  • arrive on an empty stomach (only water to wash up Espumisan is allowed)
  • do not smoke cigarettes or chew gum

If you undertake the examination during afternoon:

  • take 2 capsules of Espumisan 3 times a day
  • do not eat for 6 hours before the examination, and before only light meals – see the diet the day before the examination above
  • do not smoke or chew gum


  • pregnancy