Diagnostic Imaging Center

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For the correct diagnosis of the cause of the health problem, it is extremely important to carefully perform diagnostic tests, including imaging tests. Based on them, we can not only diagnose the problem, but also choose the best treatment option.

Diagnostic imaging exams at the Diagnostic Imaging Center

Diagnostic Imaging Center at the Carolina Medical Center

The Carolina Medical Center has a Diagnostic Imaging Center, which is equipped with the most technologically advanced medical equipment. We carry out magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans, ultrasound and X-ray examinations.

Three reasons to do undergo diagnostic imaging exams at the Carolina Medical Center:

High qualifications of the team

Our team consists of qualified technicians and radiologists. The extensive experience of the radiology team increases the chances of a correct diagnosis and thus correct treatment.

Cooperation of the medical team

Diagnostic tests are subject to internal control in our clinic and discussed at joint meetings of radiologists, technicians, orthopedists and neurosurgeons.

Superior quality of imaging tests

We have access to technologically advanced equipment, the parameters of which are selected for the diagnosis of injuries and orthopedic diseases, and qualified technicians perform the highest quality tests.

The Diagnostic Imaging Center operating at the Carolina Medical Center consists of an experienced team of radiologists and electroradiology technicians. Their professional interests focus on the problems of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and their proper identification. In their work, they focus primarily on accuracy and cooperation with a team of orthopedists and neurosurgeons, which enables constant quality control of the tests performed and precise diagnosis. The team of radiologists working at the Carolina Medical Center constantly improve their qualifications, and also conduct training courses for orthopedic doctors from all over Poland on the assessment of imaging tests. In addition, a low turnover of the team of radiologists and technicians minimizes the risk of incorrect diagnosis by providing a consistently high level of services, and joint team briefings enable further development and elimination of errors.

In the Carolina Medical Center, we have a fully equipped diagnostic imaging laboratory, which guarantees comfort and convenience for the patient. In traumatic cases, the Imaging Diagnostics Center provides quick support for ER doctors, ensuring comprehensive emergency services. We perform imaging tests of the highest quality, which are the starting point for an accurate diagnosis.

The laboratories and medical equipment in our Diagnostic Imaging Center are computerized. Thanks to this, the doctor has access to all tests at each stage of the treatment. Radiological examinations are stored in digital form, therefore, the patient can easily save and send examinations, which, most importantly, do not lose their quality.

Diagnostic imaging exams at the Carolina Medical Center Gdańsk

Cooperation with LUX MED Diagnostics

At the Carolina Medical Center in Gdańsk, thanks to the cooperation with the LUX MED Diagnostyka Laboratory, orthopedists and neurosurgeons have constant access to modern technology, dedicated to orthopedic diagnostics, and to the patient’s test results at each stage of their treatment.

As part of LUX MED Diagnostics, imaging tests are performed, i.e., MRI scans, CT scans, and X-rays.