Diagnostics Center


CMC_Centrum Diagnostyki Obrazowej

For proper identification of the cause of a health problem it is important to carefully perform diagnostic and lab tests. Based on their results we are able to diagnose a problem as well as choose the best way of treatment.


We cooperate with the best laboratories in the country, offering wide range of tests. Lab tests are one of the most important fields of medicine. They are the basis of identification and treatment of many diseases. In urgent cases, lab results allow the doctor to quickly apply proper treatment.

In the Carolina Medical Center we administer the diagnostic imaging lab, equipped with the most technologically advanced medical equipment. We perform MRI tests, CT, as well as USG and X-rays.


The Diagnostic Imaging Center within the Carolina Medical Center is formed by the team of outstanding medical diagnosticians and technicians. Their professional interests are focused on the diseases and injuries of the locomotor system organs and their proper identification.

We administer a fully equipped diagnostic imaging lab, which guarantees a comfort of a patient. In case of injuries, the Center provides quick support for the ER doctors, guaranteeing complex handling of urgent cases.

The labs and medical equipment in our Center are fully digital. Our doctors have an access to all results during each step of treatment.

The Diagnostic Imaging Center is provided with the modern equipment, which parameters are optimally selected to diagnose problems and injuries of the locomotor system organs and musculoskeletal systems. Our Center’s equipment enables performing tests of unique quality, which distinguish our clinic among other medical facilities.


Specialists in the field of diagnostic imaging