A foot consists of many different bones and ligaments. Its movement is provided by external muscles (those in which one of the insertions is outside the foot) and internal muscles.

A foot is responsible for a stable body posture, both during movement and static position. Pains and joints instability can be caused by many factors, including mechanical injury or degenerations.

Feet ache is a worrisome ailment which passes fast but sometimes can be chronic and burdensome – and that can lead to serious diseases. Pain can be related to a trivial cause, like uncomfortable shoes, but can also be an indication of the systemic disease.

The most common feet ache cause are injuries, like bruises, twists, sprains, fractures and osteoarthritis of the joints. Feet ache can also be caused by the systemic abnormalities, like trauma or inflammation of the Achilles tendon, flaming pain of foot between II and III toe (Morton’s neuroma), tarsal tunnel syndrome or a flat foot.

Example procedures performed in the Carolina Medical Center within a foot:

    • correction of a bunion and a hammer toe
    • webbed toes separation
    • ingrown toenail
    • osteotomy within a foot and an ankle
    • fracture within a tarsal bone
    • fracture fixation of a metatarsal bone
    • reposition and stabilization of a toe with the K-wire
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