CMC_Ortopedia i TraumatologiaNurse Pushing Gurney Stretcher Bed

Since the inception of our clinic, we have been doing our best to deliver medical services of the highest standard and for our patients to recover in the atmosphere of trust and safety. That is why our orthopaedic clinic is considered a leading facility in treating the locomotor system disorders.


Each of the Carolina Medical Center orthopaedists undertake new challenges every day. We are pioneers of many innovative procedures, thanks to which our patients can enjoy full physical efficiency well into golden years.

Our doctors – traumatologist or sport orthopaedist – present the highest level of competences and professionalism. They are the most prominent Polish specialists.

The Carolina Medical Center is the first orthopaedic clinic in Poland which began to perform orthopaedic surgeries by arthroscopic methods. We are also the first to utilize stem cells and a growth factors. Our orthopaedic hospital acquired many successes like the first anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in children, lengthening of the limbs and placing individual implant.

Orthopaedics is not only our mission, but also our biggest passion!