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Orthopedics is a broad field of medicine that deals with the prevention and diagnosis of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. It is closely related to traumatology, i.e., trauma surgery. Thanks to the cooperation of specialists in various fields, we provide our patients with comprehensive treatment. In our facilities, you can go through the entire treatment process: starting from medical consultation and imaging tests, through surgery and rehabilitation, ending with functional tests and training.

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Currently, medicine, using the latest solutions in biomedical technology and engineering, makes it possible to develop custom orthopedic treatment methods, taking into account the needs of a specific patient.

Innovative therapies supporting the process of healing, regeneration and repair of damaged tissues:

Orthopedic consultation

At the Carolina Medical Center, orthopedic treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. During the orthopedic consultation, the doctor conducts an interview with the patient and asks about general health, previous injuries or illnesses, medications taken and symptoms observed. The doctor also performs palpation tests and, if necessary, orders imaging tests that allow for a precise diagnosis.

Depending on the diagnosis, the orthopedist may order pharmacological treatment (e.g., anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, ointments and gels, hyaluronic acid) or refer the patient to rehabilitation or surgery

First consultation at the Carolina Medical Center

Specialist consultations at the Carolina Medical Center take place during individually agreed hours. Before the first visit, the patient is asked to fill in the Patient Registration Card at the reception. Our priority is a meticulous assessment of the patient’s health and determining the optimal method of treatment. In some cases, it involves extending the planned duration of the visit. We kindly ask for your understanding if a specialist doctor will be at your disposal a little later than planned.

Please remember to:

  • take your ID card (in the case of a minor, the accompanying parent / legal guardian should have their ID card),
  • arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment, report to the reception on the 2nd floor (both in the facility in Warsaw and in Gdansk) and pay for the appointment,
  • take your medical documentation with you, for example, the results of laboratory and diagnostic tests (e.g., X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT),
  • refrain from performing diagnostic tests before a medical consultation – in our clinic diagnostic tests are performed according to the guidelines of the attending physician.

Specialist at Carolina Medical Center

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