Orthopedic ER

Open 24 hours a day

We are open 7 days a week, also on weekends and public holidays!

The Carolina Medical Center ER is intended for children and adults who have suffered orthopedic injuries or suffer from acute back pain. Orthopedists, radiologists and technicians are available at the Carolina Medical Center 24 hours a day all week.

In our clinic, the patient will find professional help in emergencies, such as fractures, dislocations, limb twisting, contusions, damage to, e.g., menisci or ligaments, or in the case of other injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

For children and adults

Our doctors see children and adults 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At our Center, you do not wait hours in queues to the orthopedist’s office or for diagnostic tests.

Immediate treatments

We perform immediate orthopedic procedures to patients. We provide consultations in the scope of orthopedics and spine surgery as well as imaging tests – computed tomography and X-ray.


We have implemented many procedures in our clinic and we verify the current epidemiological status on an ongoing basis to ensure the safety of all patients and employees.

Orthopedic assistance 24h, 7 days a week – range

Our range of ER services features consultations with specialist doctors, imaging diagnostics and the treatment of injuries, including:

  • immobilization of fractures (e.g., with an orthosis). The Carolina Medical Center also offers modern, light and airy casts. They are made of a special material which, while ensuring of the safe fusion of bones, allows air and water circulation. Its openwork structure makes it very comfortable to use and the limb does not overheat.
  • adjustment of joint dislocations,
  • putting on, changing, removing dressings.

As part of imaging diagnostics, computed tomography and X-ray are performed. In the on-call mode for children and adults, emergency orthopedic procedures are also performed, such as:

  • surgical fixation of limb fractures,
  • adjustment of joint dislocations,
  • sutures of wounds, muscles and tendons,
  • removal of hematomas.

Do you have international insurance?

The services at the Orthopedic Emergency Room are free to patients who are insured by international insurance companies (please check the details here: https://carolina.pl/en/insured-patients/) as well as to patients of the LUX MED Group who have ER services as part of their insurance package.

Orthopedic Emergency Room at the Carolina Medical Center

Contact details

+48 22 35 58 200

Pory 78
02-757 Warsaw, Poland

Consultations, rehabilitation:
Mon-Fri from 8 am to 8 pm

Hospital, Orthopedic Emergency:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In Carolina Medical Center there are several free parking spaces in the garage at our Patients’ disposal, there is also a paid city car park nearby.