Our treatment philosophy

Each patient of the Carolina Medical Center is looked after by a team of specialists: an orthopedist, imaging diagnostician, physiotherapist and a motor skills preparation trainer. They all consult and monitor the methods of therapeutic management in relation to the individual needs of the patient. The effect of this cooperation is the maximum reduction of the patient’s recovery time to full physical fitness.

In the Carolina Medical Center in Warsaw, rehabilitation consists of two elements: physiotherapy and training with a motor skills preparation trainer.


An integral part of the treatment, without which recovery after an injury or surgery is impossible.

Medical personal training

Exercises with a trainer to strengthen muscles weakened by an injury or surgery.

During rehabilitation, our physiotherapist will help restore fitness based on the physiotherapeutic protocol approved by the attending physician. We use manual practices and trainings conducted by trainers of motor-skill preparation.

Rehabilitation at the highest level

The Carolina Medical Center offers individual rehabilitation according to the highest world standards. It is run by a professional and experienced staff of several dozen physiotherapists who constantly and passionately improve their qualifications during internal training, courses, conferences and symposia.

Rehabilitation is selected individually for each patient. It depends on the type of surgery, the injury and the individual predispositions and willingness to cooperate with the physiotherapist throughout the treatment process. Physiotherapists at the Carolina Medical Center use many methods of treatment, including manual therapy, massage and physical treatments, as well as kinesiotherapy.

Rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center

The Rehabilitation Center at the Carolina Medical Center is intended for people who struggle with chronic and overload diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for patients after injuries and surgeries.

We specialize in the rehabilitation of children (from 4 years of age), adults, and the elderly. We provide rehabilitation for professional and amateur athletes taking into account the specificity of the discipline.

Classes in our clinic take place in an individual and combined system (two patients plus one physiotherapist). The patient has the option of buying individual classes or a pass. The price list for rehabilitation services is available at:

Rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center:

  • after injuries of the musculoskeletal system (e.g., after sports injuries),
  • after surgery (or preoperative),
  • in conservative treatment,
  • as a prevention of pain ailments,,
  • in the treatment of pain in the spine and peripheral joints.

Referral for rehabilitation

Conservative treatment at the Carolina Medical Center Rehabilitation Center does not require a referral. However, it is necessary in the case of postoperative patients. The attending physician decides about the commencement of rehabilitation.

Preparation for rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center

  • For rehabilitation, you should bring: a change of shoes, loose and comfortable sports clothes that do not restrict movement, and a towel. It should be remembered that the attire should allow the physiotherapist to access the part of the body that will be rehabilitated.
  • It is necessary to arrive at the classes 15 minutes before the agreed date and report to the reception to pay the fee or in the case of a pass to note down in the system participation in rehabilitation.
  • The patient may start classes only in the presence of their physiotherapist.