Rehabilitacja w Carolina Medical Center traktowana jest jako integralna część procesu leczeniu schorzeń i urazów narządu ruchu. W naszej klinice prowadzimy rehabilitację zarówno dzieci (od 3 roku życia), jak i dorosłych.

The Carolina Medical Center offers individual physiotherapy by the highest global standards. It is conducted by the professional and experienced team of several physiotherapists, who constantly upgrade their skills during internal trainings, courses, conferences and symposiums. Each of our physiotherapists is ready to face the hardest of your afflictions.

A rehabilitation is always adjusted to patients individual needs. We specialize in physiotherapy of patients after orthopaedic surgeries and sports injuries. We provide professional athletes and amateur sportsmen with a rehabilitation specific for given discipline.


Every patient of the Carolina Medical Center is being taken care of by the team of specialists: doctor of orthopaedics, medical imaging diagnostician, physiotherapist, biomechanist and motoric preparation coach. Together, they agree on and monitor methods of treatment in relation to individual needs of a patient. This cooperation results in a maximum shortening of patients return to full physical mobility.

During a rehabilitation, our physiotherapists can help in bringing back full mobility, based on physiotherapeutic process protocol, approved by the attending physician. We utilize manual practices and training sessions, conducted by the motoric preparation coaches. Progress is evaluated with objective biomechanical methods. Biomechanical tests results allow us to decide whether a rehabilitation should be continued. This innovative approach to rehabilitation process allows us to be the leader on physiotherapeutic market.


A rehabilitation in the Carolina Medical Center is recommended:

  • after sports injuries
  • after surgeries
  • during conservative treatment
  • as a prevention for pains.

In order to undertake a rehabilitation, a referral is needed and it has to be provided by the doctor of the Carolina Medical Center or other orthopaedic specialist. In our clinic, we conduct a rehabilitation both for adults and children.

Rehabilitacja odbywa się w systemie indywidualnym. Pacjent ma możliwość wykupienia pojedynczych zajęć lub odpowiedniego karnetu.


PHYSIOTHERAPY Manual therapy is a kind of therapy that involves pressuring proper parts of a body. It restores muscular balance. It is applicable in case of back pains, joints and soft tissue damages, sprains, posture defects, muscular tension, neuralgia, and postoperative pain. In the Carolina Medical Center we consider it to be the most effective of the rehabilitation methods. In our clinic, it is performed by qualified physiotherapists.

Kinesiotherapy is a treatment through various forms of movement, selected by our specialists, depending on patient’s individual needs. This method has a wide range of applications – also within preventive measures. We usually perform it within back pains and the locomotor system dysfunctions. Kinesiotherapy procedures reduce muscular strength, ease the pain, improve flexibility and tension of the soft-tissue. 

Physiotherapy is a procedure utilizing physical phenomenon, like electricity, light, magnetism, low temperature. A physiotherapy procedure is performed in case of neuralgia and pain syndromes during osteoarthritis of joints and spine, to regenerate diseased tissue, relieve swelling and speed-up healing process.

REHABILITATION IN WATER (read more) Workout in water is beneficial to our health and overall condition. The pressure of water on the body causes better blood flow towards the heart, therefore the body is better oxygenated. In the water environment we are lighter, all muscles exercise, and the joints are not as heavily loaded as in the case of running or aerobics.

OSTEOPATHY (read more) Osteopathic medicine is a recognized diagnostic and therapeutic method. It regards human body holistically, which means the processes that take place in the organism are closely interrelated, and the body is a whole, not a sum of independent organs.


A massage is a perfect addition to conservative and postoperative treatment, also being important part of prophylaxis of ailments, like: headaches, neck and back pains. Procedures are performed by certified manual therapists – experts in treatment of musculoskeletal system, using many specialistic therapy techniques during their everyday work with patients.

Massages performed in the Carolina Medical Center:

  • Therapeutic massage (segmental massage of limbs, back, spine) – performed based on the modern manual techniques of soft tissue and joints mobilization. It restores proper functionality of the locomotor system. Adequate in case of spine disorders and as a supplement of postoperative procedures, creates optimal conditions for the tissue healing process. Wide applicability in somatic ailments, caused by increased muscular tension, like an overload syndrome, stress, headache, neck pains, muscular stiffness, among others. Utilized as a prophylaxis of pain syndromes because of its easing effect on muscles and internal organs.
  • Relaxation massage – it helps to harmonize patient’s physical and mental states through total calmness and relaxation, possible thanks to reducing muscular tension
  • Sports massage – performed before the start (it warms up and prepares muscles and joints to the activity) and after the physical activity (it supports organism regeneration, e.g. through accelerating absorption of metabolites and removal of the swelling)
  • Lymphatic massage (segmental, postoperative) – it aims to improve lymphatic circulation in the organism, and thereby reduction of swelling and improvement of nutrient transportation. It supports postoperative procedures through creation of better condition for tissue healing.