Waterproof and lightweight cast

23 lipca 2021

Have you broken your arm or leg? Forget about traditional heavy cast that can make life very difficult in hot summer...

Take advantage of airy orthopedic cast, which will not limit your activities nor make you give up vacation plans. It is made of a special material that allows air and water to circulate, while ensuring safe bone fusion. Its openwork structure makes use very comfortable, and the limb does not overheat.

    Advantages of a modern cast:
  • affordable price,
  • convenience in use – it is light and waterproof, which allows you to bathe in the sea, lake or swimming pool,
  • a special fabric weave creates an airy structure that reduces itching and eliminates odors,
  • it transmits x-rays, so you don't have to remove it for control X-rays to see how a broken limb heals.

    Do you already have a traditional cast on? Make an appointment today for a consultation at one of our facilities and exchange it for light and airy one:
  • Gdańsk +48 58 77 01 500
  • Warsaw +48 22 35 58 200.