Oncological orthopedics

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Carolina Medical Center, as part of oncological orthopedics, deals with the treatment of neoplastic lesions / tumors occurring in the bones, joints and soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system. A comprehensive offer – consultations, imaging diagnostics, surgical treatment and rehabilitation – combined with the experience of our specialists in the field of orthopedics and neurosurgery, allows for quick and effective help in the fight against cancer.

More than half of organ tumors, such as lung, breast and kidney cancer, can metastasize. Among other changes that should be included in diagnosis and therapy, there are also soft tissue tumors, primary bone tumors and so-called tumor-like lesions and unknown tumors. All of them require appropriate orthopedic treatment.

Comprehensive care as part of oncological orthopedics

Orthopedic and neurosurgical consultations

The Carolina Medical Center team includes several dozen orthopedists with many years of experience in comprehensive treatment and surgery of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine. We provide consultations of oncological patients after injuries, with symptoms such as pain or swelling – also in the case of any disturbing changes in the skeletal and muscular system..

Orthopedists and neurosurgeons from the Carolina Medical Center will analyze the medical documentation of the current oncological treatment and, if necessary, order additional tests to ensure an in-depth diagnosis and propose an effective therapy.

Clinical Research and Diagnostics

We perform the necessary diagnostics for neoplastic lesions, including:

  • X-ray, computed tomography, ultrasound,
  • surgical biopsies (taking a bone specimen for histopathological examination),
  • bone-cutting biopsies,
  • biopsies and excision of soft tissue tumors and bone trepanning biopsies.

Oncological surgical treatment

  • stabilization – fixation of bone fractures or palliative anastomosis, preventing pathological bone fractures with or without removal of the tumor;
  • stabilization with bone defect supplementation, e.g. with bone cement or bone-like material;
  • arthroplasty, the so-called modular or post-resection of the proximal segment of the femur (hip joint), the area of the knee joint or the shoulder;
  • custom made implants to supplement bone loss after tumor resection.

Oncological rehabilitation

We provide approprite rehabilitation services – a team of over thirty physiotherapists specializing in specific anatomical areas. We treat rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center as an integral part of the interdisciplinary process of treating cancer patients.

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Ortopedzi i neurochirurdzy

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dr n. med. Lech Karwicki

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lek. Jurij Kseniuk

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