Artur Sznek

25.10.2019 Warsaw Amateur triathlete

Disease / injury: damage to the medial meniscus

More than half a year ago I injured my medial meniscus in my right knee joint. For an ambitious triathlon amateur, hearing after an MRI test that I have “multidirectional damage to the posterior horn and the shaft of the medial meniscus” sounded like I would never be able to run again. I must admit that at the beginning I thought the injury would heal by itself. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and so I decided to see Dr. Łukasz Luboiński. The doctor explained to me what my injury was and even made a drawing of how he was going to fix my knee :-).

Today I am 2 weeks after the arthroscopy of the right knee and I would like to thank Dr. Łukasz Luboiński, Dr. Karol Kosterna, the nurses who looked after me during my stay in the hospital and the physiotherapist who prevented me from lying down in the first 24 hours after the surgery.

Thanks to your team of professionals, I left the clinic holding crutches in my hands, on the third day after the procedure I got on an exercise bike, after a week I was already riding an MTB bike, and on Friday I am going to the swimming pool… and all of this is thanks to you :-). My only regret is that I delayed my decision about undergoing the procedure for so long!

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