Hip prosthesis for active women

The first hip resurfacing surgery in Poland was performed in 2003 by Jacek Laskowski MD PhD in our clinic. This procedure is the only option that allows patients to maintain full mobility of the hip joint and play sports without the risk of dislocation or loosening of the implant. However, due to the limited size of the socket, this prosthesis was intended only for men.

Nowadays, the Carolina Medical Center introduces the ADEPT® endoprosthesis which, owing to a wide range of sizes, can also help women who suffer from osteoarthritis of the hip and want to stay active.

Hip resurfacing procedure is an alternative to total hip replacement – it only removes the articular surfaces, making this method the least invasive treatment procedure for hip degeneration.

Jacek Laskowski MD PhD is during surgery.

The standard hip prosthesis consists of a femoral stem, head, as well as a liner and a metal acetabular shell. Hip resurfacing procedure uses prosthesis that do not have a femoral stem, as in the case of a traditional prosthesis. Therefore, it is a bone-saving procedure, as the head of the femur is preserved, and it is covered with the so-called cup. The cup is the second element of the prosthesis. ADEPT® has a smaller cup size than previously produced implants, so it can be used in women – explains Jacek Laskowski, MD PhD, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology in Carolina Medical Center.

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is a condition that is often diagnosed in seniors. However, younger patients who visit the doctor more and more often, because of pain or limited mobility in the joint, have problems with performing the simplest everyday activities, such as walking.

Hip resurfacing is a procedure performed to treat degenerative changes. It improved the lives of many patients, not only in older age! Primary, the prosthesis implanted in young people may, with high probability, wear out and require revision. In the case of prosthesis used in hip resurfacing, revision surgery is associated with a lower risk of complications than in the case of full dentures. Moreover, hip resurfacing offers a chance to take up not only professional activity, but also sports activity, such as skiing, playing tennis, and even practicing martial arts – summarizes doctor Laskowski.