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CMC_exoge_wspomaganie_zlamanHEALING SUPPORT


The ultrasound bone healing system EXOGEN® is one of a kind device that safely utilizes the technology of pulse emitted ultrasounds of low frequency to naturally stimulate healing process of the bones in organism.

It is designed for patients with no coalescence of fractures, with deep and superficial fractures and for the patients with no coalescence of fractures with atrophy or hypertrophy.

It can be also used in case of fractures with metal stabilizing parts or implants. It is also effective among those who smoke.

Clinical trials showed that the EXOGEN device can heal up to 86% of fractures that won’t heal themselves and speed up healing of fresh wounds up to 38%. Using this device is painless. It must be utilized every day for 20 minutes. Number of needed uses is specified by a doctor.

1 dose/impulse – PLN 32