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In view of the current situation, out of concern for the safety of patients and employees, we have introduced the possibility of tele-consultations and video sessions in the field of orthopedics, spine problems and rehabilitation.

Patients who need immediate orthopedic help and diagnostic tests can arrange a visit to the facility – either in Warsaw or in Gdansk!


tele-konsultacje w Carolina Medical Center


During the tele-consultation, the doctor will propose appropriate treatment based on patient's health history. Depending on the diagnosis, he may order pharmacological treatment or refer the patient for diagnostic imaging tests, surgery or rehabilitation.

The following services can be obtained as part of the consultation:

  • tele-counseling,
  • consulting test results,
  • receiving a referral for diagnostic tests,
  • getting electronic prescription or electronic sick leave.

Tele-consultation might be carried out via telephone, as well as via telecommunication applications, e.g. WhatsApp or Skype.

rehabilitacja online w Carolina Medical Center


Patients can do their rehabilitation exercises at home under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists.

Online rehabilitation is addressed to people who have undergone surgery in our clinic and those who complain of pain in the spine, peripheral joints, muscles and more.

Online rehabilitation is useful in the following cases:

  • after injuries of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. after sports injuries),
  • in conservative treatment,
  • as a prevention of pain,
  • as pain management in back and peripheral joints problems.

Online rehabilitation might be carried out via telephone or Skype.

treningi online w Carolina Medical Center


Online training takes place under the control of motoric preparation trainers, so you can be sure that it is safe and tailored to your needs - this is especially important when you want to get back to activity after trauma, sports injury or surgery.

Online trainings are dedicated to those, who:

  • are active and, despite a pandemic, want to continue playing sports at home;
  • want to start their adventure with training, but do not know where to start;
  • lack motivation to workout at home;
  • want to get back to activity after trauma or injury.

Trainings can be carried out via Skype.

Have you suffered an injury and need immediate orthopedic help?
Carolina Medical Center operates in Warsaw ORTHOPEDIC EMERGENCY ROOM open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Patients who have suffered an injury or have severe pain and require urgent medical help and necessary diagnostic tests, can come for a consultation to the clinic.

If you need immediate orthopedic help, call: +48 22 35 58 200, if you want to make an appointment in Warsaw, or call: +48 58 77 01 500, if you want to make an appointment in Gdansk.

Bearing in mind the safety of medical personnel and patients, we have introduced many procedures that minimize the risk of coronavirus infection. Please read the new rules for admitting patients here: