Hip replacement

Typical total hip replacement procedure is performed to treat degenerative changes. Its purpose is to remove two damaged elements of the hip joint – the acetabulum and femoral head – and to replace them with smooth implants, which together form the prosthesis. After cutting off and removing the head and neck of the femur, the medullary cavity is drilled, and then the endoprosthesis pin is inserted into it. An acetabulum is implanted into the pelvis.

A standard prosthesis more likely will wear out and will need to be replaced, especially for young, active people who qualify for hip replacement. Another (revision) endoprosthesis is much more difficult to implant and has a shorter endurance time compared to primary endoprosthesis.

Endoprosthesis enforces limitation of activity, e.g. sports or physical work due to the risk of dislocation reaching 4.5% of cases.

Types of hip replacement

Type of surgery
Total hip replacementRemoval of the acetabulum, head and neck of the femur. Bone marrow drilling.
Partial hip replacementRemoval of the femoral head.
Hip resurfacing (BHR)Removal of only joint surfaces and subchondral tissues (resurfacing – surface replacement).


EN: RTG after total hip replacement and after hip resurfacing (BHR)

Custom made hip prosthesis

Since its inception, the goal of the Carolina Medical Center has been to follow the latest developments in orthopedics. When new treatment method is developed, we are the first to try to introduce it to the Polish market. This is also the case with new products concerning hip replacement.

We were the first in Poland to introduce innovative custom made hip prosthesis from Symbios, i.e. implants designed to a specific patient. Implants of the right size and shape are manufactured on the basis of computed tomography and 3D technology.

Owing to this individual prosthesis, our doctors do not have to use only factory-made implants – they can adjust the implant best suited in its anatomical structure to individual patient.

See what the production process of an individual hip implant looks like.

dr n. med. Jacek Laskowski

Specjalista ortopedii i traumatologii narządu ruchu

Jestem specjalistą od urazów stawu biodrowego, łokciowego oraz skokowego. Jako pierwszy w Polsce wykonałem operację kapoplastyki całkowitej stawu biodrowego sposobem BHR.