Ergonomics in the aspect of working from home

24 April 2020

In the office, among colleagues, we usually try to maintain the right posture, but at home we have more freedom. Nobody motivates us to maintain proper occupational hygiene - says Artur Hendzelek, specialist of the spine physiotherapy methods.

Lying down, cross-legged, sitting on the floor or in a chair with a computer on your lap... The position we work at home matters to our spine! Improper posture during work can result in pain sooner than you think. If possible, prepare a comfortable workplace in accordance with the principles of ergonomics - says Artur Hendzelek. What should you do?

  • Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level - work at a high table instead of a low bench or coffee table. If the top is still too low, you can put books under your laptop.
  • Choose a seat without a backrest - an active seat mobilizes muscles and the spine to work.
  • If you already have a chair with backrest, support the lumbar section to the inter-shoulder area.
  • Support your forearms (including elbows) - this will help relieve the cervical and thoracic spine.