Rehabilitation Stay

July 13th, 2018

Carolina Medical Center has introduced a new service for all patients – rehabilitation stay. As a result of the daily individual therapy under the supervision of orthopedic and physiotherapy specialists, pain can be reduced, motor functions restored, tissue elasticity increased and the comfort of life improved.

Rehabilitation stay at the Carolina Medical Center takes place in Hospital Ward in ensuite private or semi-private room, full board, with access to internet and international TV programmes and under the supervision of the attending physician, who develops a physiotherapeutic protocol together with the physiotherapist. It is prepared upon a medical consultation and includes individual recommendations regarding the intensity of the exercises and their scope.

Rehabilitation classes take place twice a day (depending on the decision of the attending physician) either in patient’s room at the Ward or in the Physiotherapy Room outfitted with modern therapeutic equipment.

Because of the fact that the exercises are performed systematically, physiotherapist continuously determines patient’s progress and modifies the plan for further rehabilitation if necessary. Patients also benefit from 24-hour medical and nursing care.


  • underwent orthopedic or spine surgery performed at the Carolina Medical Center or other medical facilities;
  • had orthopedic trauma (e.g. fractures, sprains) who want to return to the activity in the shortest possible time;
  • are undergoing treatment for musculoskeletal disorders that require daily intensive rehabilitation;
  • live outside of Warsaw, for whom frequent journeys are inconvenient or impossible;
  • had sports injuries.

The decision on the duration of the rehabilitation stay is taken by a patient. Recommended length of stay depends mainly on the type of illness, the nature of the injury and the expected recovery effects and should be discussed with a doctor.

Please remember that rehabilitation is an integral long-term treatment process, and the rehabilitation stay only supports the whole therapy which should be continued according to the doctor’s instructions.