Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a relatively young yet dynamically developing branch of medicine. Its main objective is treating and recreating damaged tissue with replacement of old and diseased cells with younger ones. It is also known as a stem cells therapy or tissue engineering.

The Carolina Medical Center introduces orthopaedic therapies with autogenic stem cells, acquired from a fat tissue. Their application can heavily accelerate regeneration of damaged tissues, tendons and joints.

Medical breakthrough!

Although new methods of treatment with stem cells are not out of clinical experiment phase, there are many documented cases of beneficial effects of using accurate stem cells. So far, effective usage of stem cells was confirmed in case of a post myocardial infraction, stroke, and an attempt of recreating fragments of tissues and organs (urinary bladder, blood vessels) with in-vitro method, using patient’s own stem cells. The ability of recreating bones and articular cartilages was also proven. It was also established that accurate stem cells (including ones from adult donor) can differentiate themselves into hematopoietic stroma, bone, cartilage, fat tissue, nerve tissue, hepatocytes (liver cells) and muscle cells.

It was stated during clinical tries that autogenic stem cells can accelerate regeneration of damaged joint by several times!

Your stem cells

Previous accomplishments in the field of stem cells treatment focused mainly on embryonic, fetal (from umbilical blood) and bone marrow cells. Identification of stem cells in fat tissue is a breakthrough in treatment – it allows acquisition of high quality cells from every one of us!

Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) – are pluripotent stem cells acquired from a fat tissue, meaning stem cells that can turn into cells of different tissues and organs – blood, skin, cartilage, bone cells or even muscle or neurons.

First of all, the most important thing is that your own cells do not cause any defensive reaction by the organism, which can happen in case of transplantation. These are our own body cells! You have them with you your whole life!

Second of all, safety. MSC can do you no harm – they are reacting only to signals from damaged structures, act selectively and always accurately. They contain receptors which detect compounds released from an inflammation spot (cytokines) – it is like receiving distress signal. Tissues are therefore regenerated selectively and deliberately.

Third of all, it works! And it works fast. A speed of regeneration of heavy wounds and scars can increase by several times, same with tissue immunity for re-injuries.

We have discovered that in the entire regeneration process you do not need anything else than your own organism – everything that a person needs to regenerate his own tissue is inside him, one just needs professional help to act accordingly. We can see huge potential in our own organism stem cells and many hopes, related to the development of this medical field.

Pioneering usage of stem cells

The Carolina Medical Center as a first clinic in Poland performed orthopaedic therapies utilizing autogenic stem cells acquired from fat tissue. We act on the Ministry of Health permission to acquire fat tissue from living donors and autologous transplant of isolated stem cells.

Together with the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Medical University of Warsaw, Maria Skłodowska-Curie Oncology Centre, Harvard Medical School (USA) and University of Pittsburgh (USA) we realize the innovative research project called “START. Innovative methods of tissue engineering, that supports healing and regeneration of tendons and ligaments”, co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development within the strategic program of research and development: “PROPHILACTICS AND TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF AFFLUENCE” – STRATEGMED. The project aims to create and verify innovative methods of treating tendons and ligaments with stem cells. The results of this research will largely define practical abilities of stem cells utilization in orthopaedics.

It is true that your own stem cells are something you always carry with you. Nevertheless, with time and natural aging process their numbers in fat tissue decreases. That is why it is worth to take care of your future and your relatives future and collect your own cells.

Your body has a great power. We are using it to serve you effectively.

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