Barbara Stepuch

23.08.2018 Warsaw

Disease / injury: Tethered Cord Syndrome

“On July 23 this year, I had lumbar surgery at the Carolina Medical Center. Dr. Jurij Kseniuk was the attending physician. I was diagnosed with a rare disease – tethered cord syndrome. For several years I had pain and problems with walking. I was limping on my right leg. Many doctors underestimated these symptoms, explaining that I was still growing or that I had psychosomatic pains. At the beginning of 2018, my right leg began to hurt worse and worse. There were problems with the sphincters. I was unable to work. Dr. Kseniuk correctly diagnosed me and qualified me for surgery. The paresis miraculously receded. Nothing hurts now. I am finally returning to normal life – LIFE WITHOUT PAIN! I am very grateful to the doctor and all the employees and staff of the Clinic for their help and great care! Thank you with all my heart.”

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