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Rehabilitacja w wodzie w Carolina Medical Center dla dzieci i dorosłych.

Rehabilitation in Warsaw

Rehabilitation in water

Rehabilitation in water, also known as aquarehabilitation, is a perfect complement to the physiotherapy plan. It supports the treatment of orthopedic and spine diseases. It soothes aching muscles and joints. It shortens the healing process and accelerates recovery.

Rehabilitation in water improves motor coordination. Due to the properties of water, the patient can overcome his limits. Exercises in water make it easier to make movements that are otherwise difficult. During the exercises we are not exposed to further injuries or a fall. Patients usually only at the pool decide to put their “first step” without crutches, which often under normal conditions is not possible due to weak muscles or imbalances.

Exercises performed in water, due to its resistance, do not overload tendons, joints or muscles. Hydrostatic pressure also plays an important role here, which causes the water to press the muscles, thus relaxing them. Water also absorbs shocks and affects the flow of movement.

Who would benefit from rehabilitation in water the most?

  • patients after orthopedic surgery (including spine surgery),
  • patients complaining of hip, shoulder and spine pains,
  • patients with mobility limitations in the joints,
  • patients with mobility limitations in the joints,
  • patients after injuries (e.g. fractures or dislocations),
  • elderly patients (improves joint condition and mobility),
  • children (height over 120 cm).

Contraindications to rehabilitation in water:

  • post-traumatic conditions which can cause stroke
  • all diseases involving elevated body temperature,
  • inflammatory conditions of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle fascia,
  • purulent infections
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • unhealed wounds,
  • leg load allowed at least 50%.
Zajęcia z rehabilitacji w wodzie prowadzone są w 6-ścio osobowych grupach.
Fizjoterapeuta obecny jest na basaenie przez cały czas trwania rehabilitacji.
Aquarehabilitacja poprawia koordynację ruchową. Jest rekomendowana dla osób po operacjach ortopedycznych (w tym chirurgii kręgosłupa).
Rehabilitację w wodzie prowadzi mgr Marcin Kotlarski, fizjoterapeuta z Carolina Medical Center.

Registration and place of aquarehabilitation

In order to benefit from rehabilitation in water, a physiotherapeutic consultation should be held (it does not apply to patients with a referral from the Carolina Medical Center) during which the physiotherapist will determine whether this form of rehabilitation is advisable based on the patient's history and tests.

For physiotherapeutic consultation, please take with you:

  • medical records,
  • loose sportswear
  • towel.

Rehabilitation in water at the Carolina Medical Center is conducted by an experienced physiotherapist and sport instructor specializing in swimming - Marcin Kotlarski. Classes are held in small groups at the swimming pool of the Sports and Recreation Center at the University of Warsaw (CSiR UW - Sports Complex) at Banacha street No. 2a in Warsaw.

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