Pacjenci o nasBartosz Krynicki

Bartosz Krynicki

Diving instructor, Polish champion

August 3rd, 2016

For quite some time I have been bothered with the problems regarding the Achilles tendon. Chronic condition that won’t heal was really problematic for me during everyday activities. I landed under the care of wonderful people, doctor Urszula Zdanowicz and physiotherapists Agnieszka Rosińska and Magdalena Syrek. We fought with the inflammations and adhesions for a pretty long time until it was necessary to surgically clean the Achilles tendon.

Now, I won’t write no more, just give my thanks to doctor Ula Zdanowicz for her heart, professionalism and commitment.

To Agnieszka Rosińska and Magda Syrek for a really hard physiotherapeutic work, accompanied by a huge heart, patience, knowledge and professionalism. If life has already made it necessary to come back to full health, the team that I am describing (writing does not fully give my gratitude), that works in the Carolina Medical Center, allows for quick and full return to health.

I am very thankful from the bottom of my heart.

The Carolina Medical Center is primarily in my opinion amazing people with knowledge, who create the atmosphere, and put an individual first.