Preluxation ultrasound

A clinical examination in conjunction with ultrasound intended to detect hip joint defects in infancy. In the European population, it is one of the important examinations carried out in the first weeks of a child’s life. It is painless and completely non-invasive. It is aimed at the early detection of congenital abnormalities of the hip joints, such as hip dysplasia, and the initiation of prompt treatment, usually conservative.

Performing a preluxation ultrasound does not require any special preparation. It is completely safe and non-invasive. For the ultrasound examination of the hips, it is worth dressing the child in such a way that dressing and undressing are simple, quick and comfortable.

What does a hip ultrasound look like?

The examination consists of two parts. At the beginning, the child is placed on its side with its legs bent appropriately, then the orthopedist lubricates the hip with a special gel and moves the device head over it, which allows to see the structure of the joint from the inside. The action is repeated in the same way on the other hip. During the second part of the examination, we put the baby on its back and the doctor moves its legs in various ways to assess the correctness of its movements. A visit lasts approximately 20 minutes. The result is obtained during the ultrasound and it consists of two parts – a description and images.

Thanks to the examination, we can prevent later problems with the child’s motor development and learning to walk. Early detection of abnormalities gives a chance for complete recovery.

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It is recommended to perform hip ultrasound three times in the first year of a child’s life:

  • the first in up to the 8th week of age. Sometimes there are indications for such an examination faster, especially when the pelvic position was achieved during pregnancy.
  • the second, around 3 months of age,
  • the third when the baby begins to walk.

Ultimately, the doctor will decide on the frequency of the preluxation ultrasound examination.