Hand and wrist injuries usually happen as a result of an impact or a fall when we are trying to absorb an impact with our hand, thus transferring an entire impact force to our hand or wrist.

Incorrectly treated injury or not treated at all can result in permanent lock of a joint movement in direct area of a fracture/burst.

Joints movement limitation can be a cause of other, more dangerous injuries in the future.

Among the most common injuries within a hand and wrist are fractures, sprains and strains, as well as tendon damage and rupture.

Example procedures performed in the Carolina Medical Center within wrist and hand:

    • reconstruction of a fresh injury using mini anchor “skier thumb”
    • reconstruction of an injury using tendon transplant “skier thumb”
    • arthrodesis / syndesis of the interphalangeal joints
    • aMCP or aPIP arthrolysis of a joint
    • arthrolysis of a radioulnar articulation joint
    • arthroplasty of a wrist within carpometacarpal joint degeneration and (rhizoarthrosis)
    • diagnostic arthroscopy of a wrist
    • arthroscopy of a wrist – synovectomy, shaving of a central part of TFCC/reconstruction of an foveal insertion of a triangular cartilage in an inferior radioulnar joint and reconstruction of triangular cartilage capsular insertion / styloidectomy of a styloid process
    • correction of a thumb and fingers deformation – boutonniere deformation, swan neck, mallet finger
    • correction of a snapping finger – open method/transdermal method
    • microsurgical transplant of a nerve within hand injury
    • decompression / plastics of a tendon within de Quervaine syndrome, elbow nerve within Guyon’s canal syndrome/ open/ with arthroscopy / with transposition, the median nerve in the carpal tunnel syndrome – endoscopic method, open method, tendinitis and tenosynovitis of the wrist with USSA exudation method
    • denervation of the wrist and finger-joints
    • reconstruction of a thumb opposition
    • correctional osteotomy of metacarpus and finger bones, radius bone (intra-articular) with arthroscopic control, as well as extra-articular
    • reconstruction of flexors, tendons, pseudarthrosis of a scaphoid bone (arthroscopic)
    • reconstruction of a pseudarthrosis of a scaphoid bone within a waist – with bone transplant (hip, radius, ulna) with mini plate stabilisation / Herbert-screw stabilisation/ vascularized transplant from a thighbone knuckle
    • reconstruction of a pseudarthrosis of a forearm with a hipbone transplant/ vascularized microsurgical transplant
    • reconstruction of a fresh damages of hand tendons – extensors/ flexors
    • reconstruction of a pseudarthrosis of a scaphoid bone
    • revascularization (reconstruction of a circulation within Kienböck’s disease)
    • reduction of a radius bone within Kienböck’s disease
    • synovectomy within a wrist
    • proximal tenotomy of a wrist extensors insertion (tennis elbow), a wrist flexors (golfers elbow)
    • removal of: a ganglion cyst – endoscopic method, dorsal ganglion – open method, benign tumour of a vestibulocochlear nerve (acoustic neuroma), a bone chondroma with a cancellous transplant from a hip, an open or endoscopic hand ganglion cyst, a bursa of a coronoid process of the ulna (bursectomy), benign tumour of a large nerve – median/ulnar (acoustic neuroma), anastomosis of a base of the farther humerus bone together with a release of adhesions and ulnar nerve
    • cordotomy of nerve adhesions, Dupuytren’s contraction, tendon adhesions – tenolysis
    • anastomosis of a metacarpus bone fracture with intramedullary method/ within a forearm / within a hand and a forearm
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