Orthokine® Therapy

Orthokine® therapy is one of the methods of treating osteoarthritis and inflammation. It is also used to support treatment after surgery, to prevent pain, and to prevent arthrosis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system. It usually affects knee, hip, shoulder and spine. The result of osteoarthritis is pain during physical activity and stiffness in the joint. In the course of an exacerbation, when the pain is intense and felt during rest, additional inflammation may develop.

Orthokine® therapy consists in injecting the patient with special protective proteins obtained and separated from blood collected earlier. As a result, the mixture of autologous Orthokine® serum proteins does not contain any substances foreign to the body.

It is a completely safe and effective method of treatment, proven by numerous clinical studies. The therapy has been applied for over 10 years. It is not addictive and can be repeated. The attending physician decides about the length and number of administrations (injections).

Indications for Orthokine® therapy

Orthokine® therapy is recommended for people with osteoarthritis or suffering from chronic back pain (compression of nerve roots in the lumbar region). Due to the anti-inflammatory proteins IL-1Ra, made from the patient’s blood, it is used in the treatment of arthritis. The therapy is recommended after knee surgery (e.g., after reconstruction of the cruciate ligament) in order to reduce the risk of inflammation and reduce postoperative pain. Therapy that improves the mobility of the joint is also recommended for athletes after injuries who want to return to physical activity as soon as possible.

Orthokine® therapy stages

  1. Taking the patient’s blood into a special, patented syringe.
  2. Blood incubation for approx. 6-9 h at 37°C.
  3. Centrifugation of the blood clot from serum with proteins.
  4. Injection of protective proteins into the joint or around the inflamed nerve roots.

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The advantages of Orthokine® therapy

  • improves the quality of life thanks to the improvement of mobility in the joints,
  • prevents inflammation,
  • counteracts degenerative joint diseases,
  • protects the cartilage,
  • it has a long-lasting effect (approx. 35-40% of patients with osteoarthritis after 3.5 years from the administration of the agents indicated the benefits of the therapy),
  • effectively reaches the site of inflammation and pain,
  • the administration does not require general anesthesia or surgery, therefore there is a low risk of infection.