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Daniel Gedacht

zastępca konsula generalnego w Ambasadzie USA w Warszawie


My name is Daniel Gedacht. I just completed six months of shoulder rehabilitation with Tomasz Jurkiewicz following reconstructive surgery with Dr. Drwiega, and I wanted to let you know what an outstanding experience I had at Carolina in general, and with Tomek specifically. Outside of my wife and children, he was probably the most important person in my life since my operation, and I could not have hoped for a better person to bring me back to aktywność.

I don’t need to tell you about his skill and knowledge of the human body (which is impressive), but allow me a few examples. The guy knows the shoulder and everything else it connects to! I never would have thought how much tightness in my diaphragm could limit the shoulder’s range of motion, and I could never have imagined that my left gluteus maximus could get sore from rehab on the right shoulder…but Tomek knew those and worked on those spots when needed. The results were instantaneous! Tomek eagerly shared his knowledge with me, a willing learner eager to get back into the gym and resume my CrossFit training. I asked, and now know about by teres major muscle, the various parts of my trapezius, and what exercises will work them.

Perhaps even more important and greater than his knowledge of the shoulder and the body is his knowledge of a patient’s psychology. I was an eager patient and wanted to rehab as much as possible. Tomek knew this, so he didn’t push me too hard about exercising at home (since he knew I would). He gave me the encouragement I needed, and also cautioned me about doing too much too soon to protect me from myself. I must have heard “powoli, powoli” 100 times the first few weeks post-surgery. But even we enthusiastic patients have bad days, and in fact we can suffer from those bad days more, since we are always thinking about “higher, faster, stronger.” On these days, Tomek was a friend to lean on, to support me mentally, and to encourage me to take it easy for a day and then look forward to a better tomorrow. I adopted my rehab motto “dzisiaj będzie lepiej niż wczoraj” from his attitude.

He shared in my progress and successes, supported me during the tough times, and made it fun. Nie mogłem mu podziękować więcej. On jest po prostu najlepszy! SIŁA!


Daniel Gedacht