Medicine for the activeHealthy Player Package



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In football, it is worth paying particular attention to muscle strength of the lower limbs – in order to prevent injuries and improve muscle strength used for hitting the ball as well as the stability of the body – in the context of prevention of ankle joint or knee joint torsional injuries. Distribution of the burden while running and jumping parameters are also very important. Based on these data, you can draw practical conclusions which, when applied in practice, will reduce the risk of injury.


Healthy Footballer Package is a set of biomechanical testing for children and young people playing football. The basis for the proper development of a young player is comprehensive functional diagnostics.


The provision of information and practical tips to professional and amateur footballer, which used in football training and daily life will improve his sports results and reduce the risk of injury associated with practicing football.

Basic package price is PLN 490.


Part 1 – in Functional Diagnostics Center (about 60 minutes):

  • Medical interview. Interview with functional diagnostician, with a view to identifying possible contraindications for testing.
  • Video analysis of the technique of kicking the ball and jumping. With the help of high-speed cameras we will check the correctness of movement and find any functional disorders that may affect the occurrence of overloading while playing football. We will also examine jump parameters using dynamometric platform.
  • The measurement of the torque of muscles which are responsible for bending and straightening of the knee – We will use a measuring device used in the best football clubs in Europe to identify those muscle groups that need to be reinforced in order to hit the ball harder, run faster and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Stabliographic examination – using movable platform, we will assess proprioception of the football player – crucial for precision of ball passes and preventing torsional injuries of the knee and ankle.

Part 2 – in Training Center CMTS (about 60 minutes):

  • Discussion on the results (with diagnostician or a trainer)
  • Consultation with a motor preparation coach – who will analyze test results and propose practical solutions for training, suited for the objectives of the footballer.


Depending on the results, the diagnostician may recommend additional testing.