Safety during pandemic


We operate as usual during coronavirus pandemic, however we have introduced many procedures to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection since safety of our patients is the most important for us.

Please check some rules below:

  • All patients must wear face masks during their visit to the clnic.
  • At the entrance to the Carolina Medical Center, every patient has their body temperature measured.
  • On each floor we installed dispensers with disinfectant liquid and instructions on how to properly sanitize your hands.
  • We verify current epidemiological status on a regular basis and implement appropriate procedures.
  • All employees, both medical and administrative staff, have their own protective equipment available (depending on the function they perform).
  • We have employed additional staff who regularly disinfect surfaces and equipment with which both patients and employees of the Carolina Medical Center have contact every day.
  • Special protective covers were installed at all receptions.
  • We ensure regular ventilation.
  • Following needs of our patients, we have introduced online services.

We kindly ask our patients to follow the rules and take the epidemiological threat seriously.

Do you have cold or flu symptoms? Stay at home!

In spring, children and adults are more likely to get a variety of infections – flu or a cold. Therefore, if you have symptoms of a cold (including fever, cough, runny nose), and you have a visit booked in our orthopedic clinic, please consider postponing your appointment. If you decide to do that, please call: +48 22 35 58 200 if you are to have a medical consultation, diagnostic tests or rehabilitation in our branch in Warsaw or +48 58 77 01 500 if you are a patient of the branch in Gdańsk. We will find a new, convenient date for you!

Would you like to collect your medical documentation? Call us!

From March the 16th, we are temporarily changing the rules for handing out medical records. Documents will be delivered only by e-mail or regular mail.
For more information, please contact our Hotline at: +48 22 161 27 66.

Do you have an appointment for a medical visit, diagnostic tests or rehabilitation? Come alone!

We try to limit the number of people in our clinic, so please come to the appointment without accompanying persons. This request does not apply to parents of children who are patients of the Carolina Medical Center and guardians of dependent patients who require constant help.

Are you a patient of our hospital ward?

Visiting patients would only be allowed if necessary (only by one person) and with the consent of the nurse on duty. The above restriction does not apply to:

  • parent of a minor patient who is hospitalized;
  • persons who bring or collect patients from hospital ward (please refrain from going further than to a nurses reception desk);
  • guardian of a disabled person or person who requires constant care.

Prevention is essential!

Prevention for coronavirus is very important and cannot be underestimated. SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads through respiratory droplets and causes a disease called COVID-19. The symptoms usually are coughing, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle aches and fatigue. There is currently no vaccine, which is why we remind you about basic methods of preventing infection. These methods are also used to prevent other airborne diseases (e.g. influenza).


Arrive unaccompanied


Wear mask


Disinfect your hands


Wash your hands using soap and water, and if you do not have access to them, use liquids or gels based on alcohol (min. 60%).

Have temperature measured


Keep safe distance


Keep at least 1 meter distance between you and other people, especially those who cough, sneeze and have a fever.

We ask all our patients to leave their outer clothing in the cloakroom, which is located on the ground floor, behind the information reception. At the same time, we recommend hand disinfection. Dispensers with instructions are located right at the entrance to our clinic, as well as on each floor.

We kindly ask you to follow the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector available here: