Your stay at the clinic



The Carolina Medical Center administers one of the most technically advanced surgical unit in Europe. Four operating rooms are equipped with the highest class of equipment, allowing for safe performance of even the most complex surgical procedures.

CMC_blok operacyjny

Directly after procedure patient is transferred to the postoperative room, then, after recovering from the anaesthesia, to patient’s room on the 4th floor of the hospital ward.


Patients are hospitalized in single or double rooms or in the VIP room. Each room in the Carolina Medical Center has its own shower and toilet. Rooms are equipped with lockers, TV, free Wi-Fi and nurse calling system. There is also a landline phone available on demand. 


Rooms are carefully cleaned every day. If you forget your cosmetics, just inform our nurse about it. She will provide you with necessary accessories.


Contacting a doctor

Ward rounds and consultations are carried out twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) and whenever there is a need. During medical round, patient has a possibility of discussing all his doubts. Patient can also at any moment contact the on call doctor.

Summoning a nurse

In every room there is a nurse call button system, with which you can call a nurse.


During the hospital stay patients are guaranteed full board. We take into account every medical recommendation regarding patient’s diet, and if it is possible also his diet preferences regarding tradition or religion. We provide the possibility of choosing meals from the menu*.

Meal times:
breakfast – 8 a.m.
lunch (main meal of the day) – 1 p.m.
supper – 6 p.m.

Accompanying person can also use our catering offer. Meals can be ordered and paid for during the meeting with the hospital care coordinator or during your stay in the hospital.

Patients arriving to the ward after 6 p.m. are asked for early notification of the coordinator on the necessity of dinner preparation.

*Patients admitted to the hospital within the NFZ agreement are not able to choose their meals from the menu.


The restaurant is located on the first floor. It is open for patients and accompanying persons as well. The menu is prepared according to doctor’s recommendation.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

In the Carolina Medical Center there are also vending machines with cold and hot beverages and sweets.


The patient recovery unit is open for patient’s relatives from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Visitors are asked to leave their outer wear in the locker room on the ground floor.

There is a free parking at patient’s and visitors’ disposal.


To make a hospital stay more pleasant for a child patient and to minimize any discomfort of hospitalization, parent’s presence or any other close relative is highly recommended. Accompanying person can stay with a child in the same room, paying up for a couch or a bed. There is also a possibility of ordering a meal.


In order to maintain the highest standards of treatment and service during the last day of the clinic stay, we ask our patients to fill the satisfaction survey. You can indicate areas of operation of our clinic which in your opinion require improvement or are fully satisfactory. All surveys are deeply analysed by our team. Based on their results we conduct changes in hospital functioning, that is why every filled survey is a very important source of information for us.


We are doing our best to ensure that our patient can leave the hospital as soon as possible. Precise date of a discharge is individually agreed on with the main doctor. In reasonable cases one’s stay can be prolonged.

Upon discharge, you will receive the “Hospital Treatment Information Card” with the most important data of your therapy, indications for further treatment, lifestyle and diet. You will also find dates of the follow-up visits and when to change dressing, as well as recommended medications. Additionally, patients can receive receipts, referrals for laboratory and diagnostic tests, and rehabilitation referral.

In order to receive medical documentation you should submit an “Application to issuing a medical documentation”. Submission and collection of the applications is carried out at the reception desk on the ground floor. Your documentation can be collected within 14 days after the application is submitted. You will be informed by phone when to collect your documents.


After a surgery, most patients should undertake rehabilitation which speeds-up returning to fitness. The main doctor decides on when to start classes with a physiotherapist, as well their intensiveness. First meeting with a physiotherapist takes place during patient’s stay at the hospital ward. Next appointments should be made by phoning the helpline: 22 35 58 200 or at the rehabilitation reception on the first floor, where you can familiarize yourself with classes’ price. 

Participation in rehabilitation classes is only possible based on the referral. Find out more on rehabilitation. Learn more about rehabilitation.


We care about or patients’ rights. On and in every room there is the PATIENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES CARD. It is a list of staff and hospital administration commitments to our patient.

Information on patient’s health is only issued by the doctor. Information is provided only to the patient and persons indicated by the patient. Child’s health information is issued only to his/her parents.

We do not provide health information of The Carolina Medical Center patients by phone or e-mail.


We operate as usual during coronavirus pandemic, however we have introduced many procedures to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection since safety of our patients is the most important for us.

Please check some rules below:

  • All patients must wear face masks during their visit to the clnic.
  • At the entrance to the Carolina Medical Center, every patient has their body temperature measured.
  • On each floor we installed dispensers with disinfectant liquid and instructions on how to properly sanitize your hands.
  • We verify current epidemiological status on a regular basis and implement appropriate procedures.
  • All employees, both medical and administrative staff, have their own protective equipment available (depending on the function they perform).
  • We have employed additional staff who regularly disinfect surfaces and equipment with which both patients and employees of the Carolina Medical Center have contact every day.
  • Special protective covers were installed at all receptions.
  • We ensure regular ventilation.
  • Following needs of our patients, we have introduced online services.