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In June of 2012 I had an accident at Euro 2012 in downtown Warsaw. After the accident I was in a great deal of pain and had no idea where to go to find relief. Carolina Medical Center or CMC was recommended to me by a friend. My friend had used this hospital on a previous occasion and said that CMC was one of the best hospitals in Europe if not the world. He had travelled the world to find a solution for his snapped Achilles tendon and CMC was the only place that could have him running again at a competitive level. I was fortunate, he gave me his follow up appointment.

At CMC I was quickly attended to. The initial consultation with Dr. Smegielski was very thorough. I was then sent for X-rays and MRI’s. It was found that I sustained a lateral and medial tear of the meniscus of the right knee and a partial tear of the radial cuff of the left shoulder. Advise from Australia was to cut out the damaged meniscus, which would most likely result in partial impairement in basic movements and a persistence in pain. At CMC Dr Smegielski said i would make a 100% recovery, that he could stitch the tears and apply stem cells and blood culture to hasten recovery, procedures thought experimental in Australia. He said I’d be running and surfing again.

Surgery was organized and within a week I was recovering in a single room in CMC with lovely views of Warsaw. I did not realize how fortunate I had been in finding CMC but furthermore I’d stumbled across some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world.

Within 6 months I was running again, within 8 months I was surfing again. I am very fortunate that I sustained this injury in Warsaw, even more fortunate that a friend recommended to me CMC, but most fortunate that I was operated on by a team of world class orthopedic surgeons, Dr Smegielski, Dr Drwiega and Dr Kopko. As a sportsman I was again able to do what I love!